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An old lighthouse on Lake Garda is restored thanks to Clay Paky
May 2, 2013
The Spiaggia degli Olivi lighthouse, a historic monument on Lake Garda and the symbol of the town of Riva, was turned off about forty years ago.The diving board tower, on top of... read more
Clay Paky Alpha Range Help Asian Churches See The Light
September 14, 2012
Singapore - Clay Paky’s official sales partner for Singapore - Acoustic & Lighting System PTE ltd is keeping busy as the market for sophisticated AV technologies in religious... read more
Clay Paky GlowUps sparkle for ‘Seen Presents’
August 6, 2012
UK - Ambersphere Solutions has recently worked with Entec Sound & Light to supply a number of Clay Paky GlowUp fixtures used for a premium jewellery product showcase. The... read more
Clay Paky illuminates the Augsburg town hall
December 20, 2011
Kaiser Showtechnik recently purchased Clay Paky Alpha Spot HPE 1500 lights. When first used to illuminate the iconic Augsburg building, the town hall, the Italian company’s... read more
Clay Paky illuminates the Metropole Zličín Centre fountain
April 22, 2011
Metropole Zličín is a fashion and entertainment complex, nine kilometres west of Prague city centre. It offers fun and entertainment, a large choice of top name products, and... read more
Clay Paky at Christmas in Parma with the illumination of the future
January 26, 2011
Clay Paky VIP 300s were used to create a new concept in illumination along the streets of Parma during the 2010 Christmas celebrations. The project was first conceived when... read more
Creative Vodafone event
April 30, 2009
Creative Events was contracted by WMP to supply all the technical equipment (lights, audio, projectors and LED screens) and technicians for the Vodafone IPO launch event. The event... read more
Clay Paky colors the main buildings of Galati and Tecuci in Romania
December 3, 2008
The Romanian cities of Galati and Tecuci are considered the crossroads of Eastern Europe (located only a few km from the border with Moldavia and Ukraine). Today they are... read more
Clay Paky and By Oskar-Light illuminate the Kurhaus’s Kursaal Room and the Puccini Theatre in Merano
April 28, 2008
A splendid combination of new and antique, technology and tradition, the Kursaal Room was designed and built in Liberty style in 1913, when the desire was to create an elegant and... read more
Clay Paky lights the Palazzo Fendi in the centre of Rome
January 15, 2008
During the Christmas holidays, the principal Fendi point-of-sale in Rome became a veritable attraction, not only due to the richness and prestige of the products that it displays... read more
Clay Paky and Light Video Sound light the Lexus “L-finesse Invisible Garden”
May 9, 2007
The Japanese motor car manufacturer Lexus – well-known at international level for its luxury models – took part in the “Salone del mobile” Exhibition, and the attached... read more
Clay Paky illustrates energy production at Geo-E-Site
November 15, 2006
Geo-E-Site, an important hydroelectric power station is sited in the Gunma Prefecture, a hundred km north-west of Tokyo and covers most of the energy needs of the surrounding... read more
Clay Paky at Nights of Light 2006
October 5, 2006
Notti di Luce (Nights of Light) has been offering events at a high cultural level for eight years and – thanks also to the increasingly frequent air links with Orio al Serio... read more
Clay Paky lights up the Conference Palace Hotel
February 15, 2006
The Conference Palace Hotel, recently built on the beach of the Gulf of Abu Dhabi, in the United Arab Emirates, shows off the beauty of Arab culture, combining traditional themes... read more
Clay Paky at the SFERA Restaurant
January 18, 2006
The SFERA restaurant is a prestigious multi-functional environment which is part of the Tower-2000 project inside the MOSCOW CITY Business Centre in Moscow. It occupies the ground... read more
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