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Coin Zipcode
February 8, 2000
The point-of-sale has been the subject of redefinition for many years: not only as the last link in the sales distribution chain but also as a way of promoting both brand and... read more
Light and Art Turin
February 8, 2000
An entire month has been dedicated to modern art in all its forms: from “Luci d'Artista a Torino” lighting installations to the works of ManifesTO and numerous exhibitions in... read more
A new tim shop has been opened in Spoleto
February 16, 1999
To combine new with old, tradition with technology, is one of the most suggestive challenges brought forward by interior design in the last few years. Telecom Italia Mobile is... read more
Museum of the Shroud
July 9, 1998
16 Clay Paky V.I.P. DIAs have been installed in this museum in Turin to mark out a descriptive and spiritual path of the Holy Relic The Shroud is the funeral sheet in which Jesus... read more
Stellar announcements
March 12, 1998
Light illuminates, highlights, defines, informs ... performing a great number of functions in the most widely varied environments. But the idea of using light to create art is a... read more
Museo in Mostra
February 10, 1998
“Museo in Mostra” Conservation of our artistic heritage - among the themes of special interest at the annual “Sicurezza” trade fair The conservation of culture and past... read more
February 10, 1998
Display Line projectors fill an important role in Playlife, Benetton's new point of sale offering top brands of sports apparel and equipment. Benetton is one of the most... read more
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