Alpha Spot HPE 700


Alpha Spot HPE 700
Conform to the European Community DirectivesThe fitting mounts a high-pressure lamp that needs an external igniterClass 1 appliance according to standard EN 60598-1 The fitting is protected against penetration by solid bodies of over 12mm (0.47”) in diameter, but not against dripping water, rain, splashes or jets of waterMaximum ambient temperatureMaximum temperature that can be reached on the external surface of the fitting, in a thermally steady stateMinimum distance of illuminated objects C ETL USThis product  is supplied in compliance with European Directive 2012/19/EU - Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE). To preserve the environment please dispose/recycle this product at the end of its life according to the local regulationNot suitable for household illuminationThis product is intended for the following areas of application: studios, stages, theaters, exhibitions, trade fairs, events, theme parks, entertainment venues, architectural lighting and similar

This luminaire is the smallest 700 W spotlight available, weighting 22 kilos only. The 700 W lamp provides a level of brightness equal, if not greater, than that seen with higher wattages. The Alpha Spot HPE 700 houses an array of optical and graphic devices that have nothing to envy from larger and more expensive fixtures, including a 15°-35° zoom with electronic focus and an hybrid electronic/mechanical dimmer. Alpha 700 HPE features a staggering speed with instant acceleration. Silent, eco-friendly, easy to handle and install, this fixture, that takes no space on truck and on the rig, will soon be your favourite.


  • 700W discharge lamp
  • Optical unit with extremely high luminous efficiency (35,000 lux at 5 m)
  • Incredibly small (head length = 415 mm) and lightweight (22 kg)
  • Large savings in handling, installation, storage and consumption costs
  • Extraordinarily wide, fast and linear pan and tilt movements
  • 14,7°- 35° electronic linear zoom and uniform field lens on a dedicated channel
  • CMY colour system + colour wheel + CTO conversion filters
  • Graphic system: 15 gobos + 1 rotating prism
  • Frost effect with adjustable projection angle
  • Hybrid dimmer (100-50% electronic; 50% to zero mechanical)
  • Silent operation (“Silent Version” system supplied as standard)
  • Extremely new design high performance electronics
  • Art-Net / RDM
  • Eco-friendly: may be used instead of very much larger and more expensive spotlights
  • Modular construction for easy maintenance





100 - 240V 50/60Hz
Automatic power supply switching


1050VA at 230V 50Hz (PFC electronic ballast)


700 W discharge lamp:
- Cap: PGjX28
- Color Temperature: 7,200 K
- Luminous Flux: 50,000 lm
- Average Life: 750 h


Elliptic reflector with high luminous efficiency
Electronic linear zoom 14,7°- 35° (47° with frost)
Electronic Focusing
"Uniform field lens" on dedicated channel, that allows the passage, at will, from “hot spot” to uniform field


CMY Color Mixing
Color Wheel with 8 pure and selected color filters + open
CTO 2500 K and CTO 3200 K filters (on color wheel


1 Rotating Gobo Wheel, with 7 bidirectional and indexable gobos (Ø 25,7mm)
1 wheel with 8 fixed gobos (Ø 31,5mm), at variable rotation
Selectable "Gobo shake" function.
"Morphing" effect.
Fixed and rotating gobos are easily interchangeable.
1 rotating prism (5 facet).
Frost with adjustable projection angle.
High-Speed Mechanical Iris.
A new conception 0-100% Dimmer + dimmer fine on dedicated channel.
Stop/strobe effect.


Max 29 DMX 512 control channels
DMX protocol signal: USITT DMX 512
Art-Net / RDM
Display: Graphic LCD backlit b/w Display
Pan/Tilt Resolution: 16 bit
Gobo Indexing Resolution: 16 bit
Dimmer Resolution: 16 bit
Movement control: vectorial
DMX signal connection: 3 and 5 pole XLR input and output
Software upload through DMX input


Aluminium structure with die-cast plastic cover.
Two side handles for transportation.
PAN and TILT lock for transport and maintenance.


- PAN = 540°, TILT = 250°
Max Speeds:
- PAN = 3.77 sec (Normal Mode) - 3.20 sec (Fast Mode)
- TILT = 2.19 sec (Normal Mode) - 1.89 sec (Fast Mode)
- PAN = 2.11°, PAN FINE = 0.008°
- TILT = 0.98°, TILT FINE = 0.004°
Automatic repositioning of PAN and TILT after accidental movement not controlled by control unit.


Long life self-charging buffer battery.
Pre-set macros.
"ENERGY SAVING" function: with the stop or total dimmer effect on, or with all the CMY filters full (black), consumption cut by 50%.
ON/OFF lamp control from the lighting desk.
Function reset from the lighting desk.
"AUTOTEST" function from menù
Electronic monitoring with status error
Cooling system monitoring
DMX level monitoring on all channels
Internal data transmission diagnostics
Firmware Upgrade with no power
Firmware upload from another fixture


Bipolar circuit breaker with thermal protection.
Automatic break in power supply in case of overheating.
Forced ventilation with axial fans.


Functions in any position.
Hanging system: with fast-lock omega clamps (1/4 turn) on the base


In conformity with the European Directives:
• 2014/35/EU - Safety of electrical equipment supplied at low voltage (LVD)
• 2014/30/EU - Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC)
• 2011/65/EU - Restriction of the use of certain hazardous substances (RoHS)
• 2009/125/EC - EcoDesign requirements for Energy-related Products (ErP)


This product is available, on demand, with cETLus Listed Mark, that complies with the UL 1573 and CSA C22.2 No. 166 standards.


22.9 Kg (50 lbs 6 ozs)

Alpha Spot HPE 700
MSR Gold 700/2 MiniFastFit (7200 K) Philips lamp
code: L10098
MSR Gold 700/1 MiniFastFit (5700 K) Philips lamp
code: LAM003

Standard for Alpha Profile 700 ST

OSRAM HTI 700W/60/P28 Lok-it! (6000 K) Lamp
OSRAM HTI 700W/60/P28 LOK-IT! (6000 K) LAMP
code: LAM005
code: 183102/805

for fixing clamps

code: C21070

48-51mm, max 300 Kg hook for truss

Safety cable
code: 105041/003

Ø 4mm, lenght 680mm safety cable

Foam Shell
code: F21172
code: F21205

Roxter-Case for 2 Alpha 300 / 700 (2 foam shells included + wheels)

code: C61199 ("WL" version, with Wireless DMX) - C61197 ("EASY" version with no W-DMX) - C61196 ("ECO" version)

Outdoor Enclosure

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Promotional brochures
Promotional brochures


You can find manuals, datasheets, DMX channel charts, photometrics, CAD symbols, spare parts, firmware files, schematics, technical notes, etc... in the new dedicated Claypaky Customer Care website (restricted access):

Claypaky customer care

Alpha Spot HPE 700 Demo Show (EN)
DVD video available on request
Download wmv video | Download m4v video
Il Volo 2016 World Tour with Claypaky
December 22, 2016
Italy - Following the extraordinary success of their summer tour, and after winning the 65th edition of the Sanremo Music Festival and representing Italy in the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest, Il Volo have given a long series of performances in Italy... read more
Clay Paky lights the poetry of "Il Principe"
September 7, 2016
Italy – Bergamo's Creberg theatre sold out. The show was full of genuine musical masterpieces: the first half promoted the singer's new album with songs crammed with Dylan's metaphors and rhetorical figures, fully translated into Italian, and the... read more
Clay Paky on stage with Fiorello!
August 26, 2016
ITALY - Fiorello is back on the theatre stage with a new show called “L’ora del Rosario” (a play on words meaning Time to Pray the Rosary but also Time for Rosario, the showman's first name). The star himself defines it as analogical,... read more
Clay Paky takes the field at the UEFA Champions Festival 2016
July 22, 2016
Italy – The Champions League final in Milan was not just a sporting event for soccer fans. During the UEFA Champions Festival 2016, from 26 to 29 May, there was a whole host of entertainment, including meetings, exhibitions, shows and events. There... read more
Clay Paky lights up the nights of the "courageous captains"
July 11, 2016
Following the resounding success of the September concerts in the Arena Centrale of the Foro Italico in Rome and the two triumphant evenings on live TV on RAI UNO in October, Baglioni and Morandi have embarked again - by popular demand - on a bright... read more
Clay Paky ‘visual feast’ for Classical Spectacular at London’s Royal Albert Hall
May 8, 2016
UK – A symphony of Clay Paky Mythos, Sharpy, Sharpy Wash, Alpha Spot HPE 1500 and Alpha Spot HPE 700 fixtures created a dynamic lighting show designed by Durham Marenghi for the annual Classical Spectacular at London’s Royal Albert Hall in March.... read more
Clay Paky on Nek's Tour, “Prima di Parlare”
April 24, 2016
ITALY - Clay Paky lights are co-stars on the stage of Nek's show Prima di Parlare Live 2015. Radio Italia is the official radio station of the tour, four years after the last one. The italian songwriter toured the Italian peninsula far and wide with... read more
Clay Paky lights the Secrets of the Sea in Qatar
February 1, 2016
Qatar Marine Festival, Doha. This annual event is built around the history of Qatar, which has grown at an extraordinary rate since the discovery of the country’s oil and natural gas. The Emirate devotes these resources to its economic... read more
Clay Paky and Protec defy Dubai’s summer temperatures to deliver another cool event at Games15 Middle East
November 13, 2015
Dubai, UAE: Protec was delighted to support its client – SNAP, with lighting, video and rigging for the event held at Dubai International Marine Club from the 10th – 12th September 2015.Games15 Middle East, the premier gaming event in the region... read more
Clay Paky gives Jakarta’s nightclub scene the edge
November 9, 2015
Jakarta, Indonesia – A cutting-edge package of Clay Paky fixtures has been installed into a new super club in Jakarta that promises partygoers an unrivalled audio-visual experience. Owned by one of Jakarta’s most prominent nightlife companies... read more
Clay Paky on tour with Mario Biondi
October 11, 2015
Italy - Mario Biondi is one of the few Italian artists who can claim some sort of esteem and saleability outside Italy, perhaps on account of the characteristics of his kind of music, or perhaps because he sings in English. Before taking on a huge... read more
Clay Paky on Renzo Arbore and the Orchestra Italiana's 2015 summer tour
September 6, 2015
Italy - Renzo Arbore sits on the chair in front of Fabio Fazio as it is announced that he will be the special guest in the final show of Che Fuori tempo che fa (Fazio's talk show). The transmission will be devoted to Quelli della notte, one of the... read more
Clay Paky ‘extremely popular’ with major acts on Parklife
August 30, 2015
Manchester, UK – A wide array of Clay Paky fixtures has been spread over numerous stages at one of UK’s biggest dance festivals, Parklife, with several of the major acts’ lighting designers ‘very happy’ to discover them in the rig. Event... read more
Clay Paky strobe is ‘storming’ success on Snowbombing
August 23, 2015
Austria – One of the latest additions to the Clay Paky product line, the Stormy CC strobe, proved a huge hit with the lighting designers as it made its debut on Austria’s high-altitude music festival Snowbombing this April. Taking place in the... read more
Summer 2015, Clay Paky at the theatre with Sal Da Vinci
August 14, 2015
Italy - Sal Da Vinci is back in the theatre with a new show after the success of Stelle a metà (Half stars), which he shared with Alessandro Siani. Se Amore è... Revolution (If Love is… a Revolution) is the title the Neapolitan singer gave to his... read more
Clay Paky illuminates the Tones on the Stones Festival
August 10, 2015
Verbania, Italy - Tones on the Stones has renewed its partnership with Clay Paky for the third year running. The Festival was held in the Cava Bianco Montorfano (White Montorfano Quarry), near Verbania. The main attraction this year was Cavalleria... read more
Clay Paky Mythos takes pride of place in Classical Spectacular’s new rig
July 12, 2015
UNITED KINGDOM – The UK’s most popular classical music show, Classical Spectacular, returned to the Royal Albert Hall (RAH) this year with a brand new rig designed by award-winning lighting designer Durham Marenghi. Featuring an array of Clay... read more
Clay Paky, a regular guest at the Souq Okaze Cultural Festival
June 29, 2015
Saudi Arabia - The producer and director Futais Mohammed Bugnah directed a new show in the Ta'if Tent Theatre for the Souq Okaze Cultural Festival, in the presence of his Highness Prince Mishaal bin Majid Al Saud, Governor of Jeddah. Futais Mohammed... read more
Clay Paky delivers ‘unbelievable brightness’ to Formula One weekend
June 21, 2015
Bahrain – Lighting designer Sonu A.B. has used a wide array of Clay Paky fixtures to deliver vibrant festival-size looks for the huge Formula One Gulf Air Grand Prix weekend in Bahrain. Taking place at the Bahrain International Circuit in Sakhir,... read more
New York Festival of Light Makes a Hit in DUMBO with Clay Paky Supersharpys
November 25, 2014
USA – The first annual New York Festival of Light (NYFOL) came alive November 6, 7 and 8 after dark in DUMBO, Brooklyn attracting crowds so large that the family event had to turn away people Saturday night.  NYFOL utilized numerous Clay Paky... read more
Clay Paky, Major and MA accompany BAP on tour
November 18, 2014
Germany - BAP, one of the most distinctive German bands, was founded in 1976. The group formed around the songwriter Wolfgang Niedecken and, in their early days, they met in various venues to enjoy a beer together. A 35 year long career has grown... read more
Clay Paky delivers powerful yet portable festival lighting at Godiva
September 29, 2014
Coventry, UK – This summer saw an eclectic mix of pop and rock legends take to the main stage at Godiva festival in Coventry. Lighting designer for the project, Yenz Nyholm, chose to specify an array of Clay Paky Alpha Spot HPE 700 fixtures as he... read more
Clay Paky at the exceptional Radio Italia live event in Piazza Duomo
July 17, 2014
ITALY - The first "Radio Italia Live" concert was held in 2012 to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Radio Italia. On that occasion, the well-known radio station organized the show in Piazza Duomo in Milan for the first time. An amazing 150,000 plus... read more
Clay Paky lights stand godfather to Roby Facchinetti's first solo tour
June 24, 2014
ITALY - Clay Paky lights stood godfather to Roby Facchinetti's tour. While awaiting the Pooh's 50th anniversary next year, Roby is doing the first solo tour of his career to support his album “Ma che Vita la Mia” (What a life I've had). The... read more
Clay Paky at Circus Roncalli
April 9, 2014
Germany - When Bernhard Paul and André Heller founded Circus Roncalli in 1975, they certainly did not expect to reach such great success. Their first tour began with a world premiere in Bonn on 18 May 1976. Over the years, Circus Roncalli has always... read more
Clay Paky at the Souq Okaze cultural festival
January 8, 2014
Saudi Arabia – Riyadh-based Rhythm Media Production organized two shows in the Taif theatre tent, the first for the Souq Okaze cultural festival and the second for Saudi Arabia's National Day in the presence of his Highness Prince Mishaal bin Majid... read more
Clay Paky with Opera Seconda by the Pooh
December 18, 2013
The "Opera Seconda Tour" has ended after nearly a hundred dates in theatres, sports halls and outdoor spaces throughout Italy, Europe and overseas. The Pooh's tour was an extraordinary audience success with over 150,000 spectators over the year.The... read more
TS Veranstaltungstechnik updates with Clay Paky and MA Lighting
December 11, 2013
TS Veranstaltungstechnik GmbH & Co. KG has recently extended its range of Clay Paky lights by adding thirty eight A.leda Wash K10s and eight Alpha Spot HPE 700s to the fourteen Alpha Spot 300s it already had at its disposal. The firm also... read more
Sergeant Pepper visits Berkhamsted School with Clay Paky
December 5, 2013
UNITED KINGDOM - The Over a couple of summer evenings way back in 1989 a small group of friends performed Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band to raise funds for the care and support of children suffering from life-limiting or terminal... read more
Clay Paky lights "Magic on Ice" in South Korea
September 19, 2013
SOUTH KOREA - Magic on Ice, the phantasmagorical art, magic and conjuring show created by Steve Wheeler, sold out for ten days at the Blue Square Theatre in Seoul, South Korea, with 20 shows and over 20,000 spectators.The famous American magician,... read more
Ambersphere is a great solution at Point Source Productions
September 12, 2013
UNITED KINGDOM - Lighting specialists Point Source Productions Ltd provide everything from simple dry hire to a full event service offering audio, staging and AV as complementary product lines when required.  From single items of equipment hire,... read more
Clay Paky adds FX to Berlin’s Summer Rave
August 15, 2013
Germany – Respected Berlin-based lighting designer Martin Kuhn has harnessed the punch and power of Clay Paky’s bright, pure beam Sharpys, intense sparkling Alpha Spot QWO 800 STs, and Alpha Beam 700s for Berlin’s Summer Rave 2013.This is the... read more
Clay Paky Lights Bright “SuperStar” TV Show
August 9, 2013
Czech Republic – Clay Paky’s bright yet compact Alpha Spot HPE 700s and Alpha Wash 700s alongside its cutting edge beam shaper Alpha Profile 1500s are being used to light the pop idols of tomorrow on the Czech and Slovak Nova TV show... read more
Clay Paky Goes for Gold at Mediterranean Games
July 15, 2013
Turkey  – Istanbul-based event engineering company Phantom has supplied a tip-top team of Clay Paky Alpha, A.Leda, and Sharpy fixtures to light the sparkling 2013 Mediterranean Games Opening and Closing Ceremonies.Eighteen months of preparation... read more
Clay Paky, Ambersphere and The Anvil Arts Centre
June 29, 2013
UNITED KINGDOM - The Anvil Concert Hall in Basingstoke, Hampshire is something of a regional gem that serves a wide swathe of the leafy southern Home Counties.  With performances that range from stand-up comics like Jack Dee, through to the... read more
Clay Paky Unveils New Luminaires at Indonesia Demo
May 29, 2013
Indonesia – Clay Paky has unveiled its latest luminaires to major Asian rental companies and TV stations at a demo Jakarta in Indonesia in April.The Clay Paky Area Manager Alberico D’Amato and the Italian LD Giovanni Zucchinali collaborated with... read more
Clay Paky stars in Eros Ramazzotti's European tour
May 21, 2013
Eros Ramazzotti is always on the crest of the wave and is taking his NOI Tour 2013 throughout the continent. After fourteen dates in Italy, the tour has come alive in the rest of Europe, where the shows are recording an excellent turnout even in this... read more
Clay Paky’s Compact Luminaires are a Bright Match for Singapore’s Star Gallery
May 10, 2013
Singapore – Singapore’s technologically advanced new Star Performing Arts Centre has invested in Clay Paky’s Alpha Spot HPE 700 and Alpha Wash 700 fixtures to provide a bright solution for its 770-seater Star Gallery multi-purpose hall.The... read more
Clay Paky HPEs and Sharpys Fly High at Jeddah Aviation Event
March 17, 2013
Saudi Arabia – A squadron of Clay Paky Alpha Spot HPE 700s and Clay Paky Sharpys lit up Jeddah’s Laylati Hall during a celebration to observe International Civil Aviation Day.Egyptian lighting designer Mohammed Gafar created a lighting rig that... read more
Light Fantastic Production Services choose Clay Paky
February 20, 2013
It is becoming difficult to turn on the TV on a Saturday night and not be treated to a dazzling display of that virtuoso moving light, the Clay Paky Sharpy.  Flexible, bright, power and size friendly, their use is limited only by the imagination of... read more
Clay Paky at "The Creation"
February 6, 2013
Joseph Haydn composed "The Creation" between 1796 and 1798. The oratorio takes its theme from the creation of the world and is inspired by the biblical book of Genesis. This work was recently performed in the Cathedral of the Virgin Mary in Linz on... read more
Clay Paky light the Voronezh Drama Theatre
January 5, 2013
After many years of reconstruction the Voronezh drama theatre finally re-opened this year. This is one of the oldest theatres in Russia and since 1959 it has carried the name of the Russian poet Alexey Koltsov. In the 19th century the Voronezh drama... read more
Clay Paky light Level 42
December 23, 2012
UK – British rockers Level 42 have been living up to their 1984 album Standing in the Light by performing under a rig of Clay Paky Alpha Spot HPE 700s at London’s Royal Albert Hall.Lighting designer Yenz Nyholm says they form a key element in his... read more
Clay Paky with Miss Italia 2012
October 26, 2012
Clay Paky was once again present - as it has been for many years - at Miss Italia 2012, the number one Italian beauty contest, where the most beautiful woman in Italy is crowned. The Lighting Director Fausto Carboni used a very diverse mix of 150... read more
Clay Paky shine bright at the Annual Summer Series at Somerset House
October 19, 2012
UK – The Summer Series at Somerset House has established itself as one of London’s must-see music festivals. With an eclectic programme to support, in-house lighting designer, Petter Skramstad decided that Clay Paky Alpha  Spot HPE 700 would... read more
Clay Paky Light Up Israel Houghton Recording Session
October 16, 2012
USA – A complement of Clay Paky Stage Zoom 1200 and Alpha Spot HPE 700 fixtures were selected for the CD and DVD recording of Christian singer Israel Houghton’s latest album, “Jesus at the Center,” which hits stores August 14.  The multi... read more
Pure speed: the "Six Day" counts on Clay Paky
October 9, 2012
The idea of a six-day track cycling race was conceived in 1875 in Birmingham, England. The event was designed at the time as a "product test" for bicycles. Over the decades, the six-day race has grown from a test into its present form. For instance,... read more
Clay Paky and MA Lighting at the Studio Hamburg Newcomer Award Ceremony
October 4, 2012
Studio Hamburg Newcomer Awards have been presented since 1997. German-language films made by students who are studying film-making at institutions of higher education compete in the Best Production, Best Short Film (Audience Prize), Best Director and... read more
"TUI Feuerwerk der Turnkunst" on tour with Clay Paky
August 9, 2012
Thirty-two shows in twenty-two different locations with a total audience of 170,000 people. These are the impressive statistics clocked up by "TUI Feuerwerk der Turnkunst" during its "Best of 25 Years" tour. The most successful show in Europe was not... read more
Clay Paky at Vegan Fest
July 23, 2012
Clay Paky recently sponsored Vegan Fest, a large international exhibition devoted to the eco-friendly and vegan worlds. The event took place in the splendid setting of Palazzo Mediceo di Seravezza, Versilia. It was a gathering for international... read more
Dry Hire Lighting builds up significant Clay Paky stock to serve a busy UK summer
June 13, 2012
It’s an exciting expansion time for new company Dry Hire Lighting, as they announce a significant purchase of Clay Paky products from exclusive Clay Paky UK distributor Ambersphere Solutions.In anticipation of a busy summer for events across the UK... read more
Siyan Ltd gets into the Clay Paky way
May 17, 2012
Siyan, long term customer of Clay Paky has recently increased their investment in Clay Paky products, alongside a brand new purchase of the grandMA2 light, all from Ambersphere Solutions.Nick Valdez, MD of Siyan Limited is clear on the reasons for... read more
Clay Paky at the David di Donatello Awards
May 11, 2012
The David di Donatello is an Italian film award, assigned by the Italian Film Academy's David di Donatello Organization. There are various award categories and it can be considered as being the Italian film industry's equivalent of Hollywood's... read more
Clay Paky for Turkmenistan’s 20th Anniversary Independence Gala
January 30, 2012
Central Asia’s oil-rich Turkmenistan celebrated the 20th anniversary of its independence from the Soviet Union with a multimedia extravaganza lit by Luc Lafortune, one of the creators of Cirque du Soleil, with an extensive package of Clay Paky... read more
Clay Paky Lights Singapore's Newest Club AVALON
December 12, 2011
The glitz and glamour of Hollywood has come to Singapore. The opening of AVALON has been hyped as the most highly anticipated nightclub event in the region and fittingly boasts the largest installation of Clay Paky Sharpy moving beam lights ever... read more
Sharpys debut at Ireland’s largest music festival Oxegen 2011
September 5, 2011
Dublin-based rental firm EQ Lighting recently provided lighting design and equipment for Oxegen’s 8000-capacity Red Bull Electric Ballroom, following an appointment by festival promoters MCD. The lighting rig designed by Rob Jones consisted of 5... read more
Singapore’s School of the Arts opts for Clay Paky
August 18, 2011
Alpha Spot HPE 700 and Alpha Wash 700 spotlight Singapore’s budding artists. The School of the Arts (SOTA) is Singapore’s first national arts school to offer an integrated arts and academic curriculum for students aged 13-18 years old. The... read more
Kaizers Orchestra plays Oslo Spektrum using Clay Paky Alpha fixtures from Rubicon
August 5, 2011
Kaizers Orchestra is recognized as one of Norway’s most prominent rock bands and best live acts. On Saturday the 9th of April, the band played the concert of their lifetime in a fully booked Oslo Spektrum. An audience of 10,000 spectators got to... read more
Clay Paky at the Eurovision Song Contest
May 20, 2011
Clay Paky delivered the majority of winning looks with over 300 automated luminaires at the 56th Eurovision Song Contest held in Düsseldorf, Germany on May 10, 12 and 14, 2011. The legendary production continues to grow every year and 2011 was no... read more
Clay Paky and Jò Campana: from stadiums and arenas to theatres, a year with Ligabue
March 25, 2011
2010 was a record year for Ligabue on all fronts: a multi-platinum disk - “Arrivederci Mostro” (Goodbye Monster), in celebration of the artist’s 20-year career anniversary, was the year’s best selling cd with 35 weeks on the charts; a tour... read more
Clay Paky in the “Domenica In” studios
January 17, 2011
Among the long-running entertainment programmes that state owned Italian public service broadcaster RAI hosts, “Domenica In” (Sunday In) is by far the oldest: 35 years of non-stop editions since 1976, when the absolute novelty of a six-hour... read more
Clay Paky in Switzerland with “Notre-Dame de Paris” and the “Starlight” Circus
January 7, 2011
Notre-Dame de Paris was staged at Palazzetto Fevi, Locarno, Switzerland by the SFG Biasca gymnastic company. It was performed by 52 gymnasts and 6 actors, who sung live over original backing tracks by Riccardo Cocciante. It was essentially a... read more
Creative Events and Clay Paky light up Doha’s Tribeca Film Festival 2010
January 4, 2011
In its second year, the Doha Tribeca Film Festival has once again relied upon the stellar Clay Paky Alpha moving fixtures and their biggest stockholder in the Middle East, Creative Events (CCG), to deliver the best in lighting performance for this... read more
Richard Martin Lighting lights Fee Fi Fo Yum… with Clay Paky
December 15, 2010
Les Dennis presents a new series of the hugely successful BBC children’s TV show where the aim of the game is bizarrely, not to be eaten by Brian the Giant. With computer generated assistance, giants, gunge, a fantastically designed set, a very... read more
Clay Paky takes part in Berlin's Christopher Street Day festivities
December 11, 2010
Christopher Street Day (CSD) was conceived by lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people as a day of celebration, commemoration and demonstration, and has become a fixed date on the events calendar in several large German cities. Besides Cologne,... read more
UK tech crews train with Clay Paky Alpha 700s
December 3, 2010
A group of twenty technicians from UK stage and rental companies has taken part in a three-day training event organised by Clay Paky at their Italian headquarters in Bergamo. The trip was designed to give the crews command of one of the most widely... read more
EQ Lighting and Clay Paky on Arthur’s Day 2010
November 29, 2010
EQ Lighting were the main Lighting provider for the Dublin and Cork Studio venues at this years Arthur’s Day.  The studios designed by Eugene O’Connor DOP and project managed for EQ Lighting by Rob Jones and Garrett Hanley, were the first outing... read more
Clay Paky lights Queen's Day
August 20, 2010
Clay Paky and Netherlands-based AVL Concept recently joined forces to provide one of the more exciting celebrations held in the Netherlands for Queen’s Day 2010.   Queen's Day, or Koninginnedag, is an official holiday throughout the country to... read more
NDR installs the Clay Paky Alpha Series
July 26, 2010
The Clay Paky moving heads recently entered the Norddeutsche Rundfunk TV studio set in Hamburg-Lokstedt and, more specifically, the NDR3 studios where shows such as „NDR Sportclub“, „Markt im Dritten“, „Visite“, „Menschen und... read more
Clay Paky at "Io canto"
June 18, 2010
Io Canto (I sing) is a Canale 5 talent show. It was broadcast live at prime time during the first few months of 2010 from studio 20 at Cologno Monzese (Milan). The transmission, hosted by Gerry Scotti and directed by Roberto Cenci, was based on... read more
Clay Paky with "I Raccomandati"
March 31, 2010
Clay Paky illuminates “I Raccomandati” (the protégés), a talent show broadcast by RAI (Italian state owned television) since 2003. Various competitors perform on stage in the company of VIPs (hence the name "the protégés"). The winner is... read more
Okaz Creative Advertising Awards
February 1, 2010
An arsenal of Clay Paky fixtures kept pace with lasers and LED screens at the first Okaz Creative Advertising Awards (OCAA) last month. The ceremony and following celebration took place on October 20th at the Jeddah Helton to a packed house of Saudi... read more
Clay Paky at Fiorello Show Tour 2009
December 10, 2009
Date: November 13 - 14, 2009 Location: Adriatic Arena Pesaro Lighting equipment: Clay Paky Alpha 700 read more
Clay Paky lights the Claudio Baglioni concept-tour
November 18, 2009
This third project by Claudio Baglioni Questo piccolo grande amore (Little Love), after the film and the novel, was not just a tour but more of a modern opera, the musical story of a great love, with a journey through the artist’s historical... read more
AVL Concept purchase the "first" Clay Paky Alpha 700
June 5, 2009
The Dutch rental company AVL Concept was the first customer in the world to buy the new Clay Paky Alpha 700. This young company based in Leek, the Netherlands, is specialized in the design, supply and installation of audiovisual and lighting... read more
New Products - Spring 2009
May 4, 2009
ALPHA SPOT HPE 700Alpha Spot HPE 700 is the moving head spotlight of a new generation, where the latest progress in optics converge with the sophistication of micro-engineering and with ground-breaking developments in electronics. A newly developed... read more