Odeon Graze

C71201 RGBW 15° 600 mm
C71206 RGBW 25° 600 mm
C71211 RGBW 45° 600 mm
C71216 RGBW 15° 1500 mm
C71221 RGBW 25° 1500 mm
C71226 RGBW 45° 1500 mm
(please ask for TW and W version codes)

Odeon Graze

The Odeon Graze line is a complete range of linear LED luminaires for architectural use, available in three versions (RGBW, Dynamic White and Full White), three optical solutions (15°, 25° and 35°) and two lengths (600 mm and 1500 mm / 23.6” and 59.1”).They feature multi-chip LED technology, which ensures excellent color mixing and precise DMX/RDM dimming. The bar has an elegant, clean design, thanks to totally integrated electronics and flush-with-the-edge cable glands.Odeon Graze units are modular and ideal for graze lighting, but they can also be used for floodlighting. They are recommended for monuments, public and private buildings, architectural structures, parks, gardens, as well as businesses such as shops, shopping centres, restaurants, hotels, cinemas, gyms and leisure centres.Their IP65 and IK09 protection ratings and working temperature (from -25° to 50°C) ensure durability and constant reliability over the years, even in harsh weather conditions.



  • Power:  Universal AC input 90-305 Vac @ 50/60 Hz50/60 Hz
  • Input power (PF 0.98):  - RGBW version: 45 Watt (size 600mm); 115 Watt (size 1500mm)

- TW version:  56 W (size 600mm); 127 Watt (size 1500mm)
- W version:  50 Watt (size 600mm); 112 Watt (size 1500mm)

  • Light source:  OSRAM LED technology with exclusive “Hexeel” optical system.
  • 6 x high power multichip LEDS(size 600mm); 15 x high power multichip LEDS(size 1500mm)
  • Total output:  - RGBW version: 1700 lm - eff. 40 lm/W (size 600mm); 4250 lm - eff. 46 lm/W (size 1500mm)

- TW version: 2250 lm  - eff. 43 lm/W (size 600mm); 5550 lm  - eff. 47 lm/W (size 1500mm)
- W version: 3450 lm  - eff. 68 lm/W (size 600mm); 8580 lm  - eff. 75 lm/W (size 1500mm)

  • Maintenance:  80,000 hrs [L70@25°C]
  • Optics:  Three optics available: 15° (narrow), 25° (medium), 35° (flood)
  • Colors:  - RGBW version: RGBW color mixing - TW: dynamic white - W: warm white
  • Color temperature:  - RGBW version: 625 nm (red), 527 nm ( green), 453 nm ( blue), 6500 K (white)

- TW version: 2700-7700K
- W version: 3000K or optional 4000K

  • Light intensity:  0-100% dimmer
  • Control options:  - DMX 512/RDM (RGBW and TW versions); -ON/OFF (standard), optional version for dimmerable DMX 512/RDM – 0/10 -DALI (W version)
  • Channels:  4 DMX channels (RGBW and TW versions)
  • Working position:  Any: upright or suspended upside-down
  • Protection rating:  IP65 - IK09
  • Operating temperature:  -25°C to 50°C
  • Chassis Housing:  in extruded aluminium and stainless steel
  • Chassis color:  Available in polished metallic (grey RAL 9007)
  • Coating:  Electrostatically powder finish - resistant  to hostile environments
  • Cable:  AC power line cable length=3m / DMX cable length=3m
  • Head adjustment:  on 90°
  • Weight: 2.8 Kg (13.66 lbs)



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