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Welcome to the Claypaky Multimedia Area

Discover the latest videos about product tutorials, technical videos, demo shows, light shows, product presentations and highlights from exhibitions.

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Video Archive

Here you can find a collection of videos about events and products, even those discontinued. You can cross-search using the appropriate tool on the side.

Volero Wave - launch
Volero Wave - teaser
Volero Batten Aqua - Product Presentation
Tambora Flash - Product Presentation
Tambora Linear - Product Presentation
Effects Lighting - teaser
Sinfonya Profile 600 - demo presentation
Sinfonya Profile 600 - teaser
Sharpy X Frame - demo presentation
Mini Xtylos HPE - demo presentation
Xtylos Aqua (IP66) - demo presentation
Arolla Profile-Spot MP - demo presentation
Tambora Batten - demo presentation
ADB by Claypaky Actoris Parled - demo presentation
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