Clay Paky illumina il decimo anniversario dell'entrata nell'Unione Europea di Malta

Clay Paky illumina il decimo anniversario dell'entrata nell'Unione Europea di Malta





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Gianfranco Stellini

Lighting designer

Ismael Portelli


Nexos & Co. Ltd.

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data pubblicazione: 16 Maggio 2014

MALTA – Malta ha festeggiato il decimo Anniversario dell’entrata nell’Unione Europea con grandi festeggiamenti all’interno del Grand Harbour di La Valletta. Nexos & Co. Ltd., rental maltese e distributore Clay Paky, ha fornito al lighting designer Ismael Portelli un totale di 177 Sharpy.

Clay Paky Sharpy fixtures were used in groups of 3 for this project.  This was done to ensure a super bright beam if weather conditions were no in favour.  Setup time was limited to 3 days so all was pre programmed using Capture Polar Visualiser.  The precisions of the encoders were an essential part for this job to work because the lighting team had a limited amount of time to program all positions.

LD Ismael Portelli says: “Sharpy fixtures were up to the job and all worked perfectly and we have very few positions to arrange after setup.  We were impressed by the light output of these fixtures. One of the organisers that was involve in the 2004 show said that it looked extra-bright.  Using these fixtures meant less power consumption, therefore less cable to power them (as the gen sets had to be 300m away from site as).  Also the small size and weight made it even easier to deliver and handle as no vehicles can enter the restored fort and all had to be placed by man power.  Had it not been for the Sharpy this project would have been an almost impossible task to manage”.  

10th Anniversary of Malta joining in the EU
Date:  30th April 2014 @ 23:45
Location : Various at Grand Harbour Valletta, Malta.
Lighting Designer : Ismael Portelli
Desk Operator and Programmer: Anton Borg Olivier
Lighting Supplier : Nexos & Co. Ltd.

Equipment used: 
Fort St Angelo:
135 x Clay Paky Sharpy 
Villa Bighi:
24 x Clay Paky Sharpy 
18 x Clay Paky Sharpy 

All was controlled via an Avolites Tiger Touch 2

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