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Why CloudIO?
Why CloudIO?

CloudIO is a true revolution in stage lighting maintenance, leveraging digitalization, interaction, and data exchange to deliver a service that is fast, complete, precise, and in constant evolution—a service never before available in the entertainment lighting industry.
Starting from version, CloudIO can read the parameters of all RDM-compliant fixtures regardless the brand, providing enhanced features specifically tailored for Claypaky products, further maximizing their potential.
The user-friendly interface increases the speed of the operations and reduces the maintenance process cost.

Master the Performance
Master the Performance

Say goodbye to post-show headaches! CloudIO streamlines checks by gathering crucial data on your fixtures, including lamp life, component conditions, and firmware updates. Its compact design, equipped with a 7-inch capacitive touch screen, two DMX connections, and a retrofit system for most Claypaky lights, seamlessly integrates with up to 31 lights in series.
Perfect for rental companies, CloudIO simplifies post-tour routines, making fixture checks, firmware downloads, and lamp replacements a breeze.

CloudIO Empowers You
CloudIO Empowers You

Your indispensable partner in daily life, CloudIO boasts multi-brand compatibility and a user-friendly interface that offers an immediate overview of connected fixtures.

Get ready to save time and money on maintenance – CloudIO is all about efficiency!

Take Control
Take Control

Gain a quick overview of fixture data, perform comprehensive diagnostics, and manage routine tasks effortlessly. Download information and check parameters collectively, individually, or in groups, ensuring a streamlined process tailored to your needs.
CloudIO can be used as well within fixed installations, reducing cost of intervention and allowing the technicians to remotely check the status of the fixtures.

Experience Time Connectivity with CloudIO
Experience Time Connectivity with CloudIO

CloudIO seamlessly integrates into existing workflows, supporting DMX protocol and RDM standard. It features 2 in/out pass-through DMX connections, an Art-Net ready port, and communicates with up to 31 moving heads in series. It is ideal for both tours and in fixed installations. The compact CloudIO box connects moving heads to the Cloud via a user-friendly web interface, with no need for additional hardware. You can remotely check fixture status, reducing intervention costs. Compatible with all Claypaky fixtures, it supports offline firmware updates, and constant improvements ensure CloudIO remains an innovative and cutting-edge platform.

Prevent Problems with Next Level Assistance
Prevent Problems with Next Level Assistance

Forget fixing things after they break. CloudIO makes maintenance predictive and preventive through detailed information, statistics, and data analysis managed by Claypaky. The interactive manual, “first aid” feature and real-time troubleshooting by Claypaky Customer Care provide closer support to end-users, offering graphical visual directions for quick solutions.

Because CloudIO isn’t just about tech – it’s also about support.

IoT takes you to the next level
IoT takes you to the next level

Simplify firmware updates on Claypaky fixtures with CloudIO’s suggestions. Firmware can be downloaded in advance and the update can be done offline. Cloud data storage ensures your fixture information is accessible anytime, anywhere, and the system works seamlessly even with low bandwidth consumption.

Claypaky brings IoT into the game, and CloudIO is your backstage pass.

Smart web app interface
Smart web app interface

The web interface works on any browser. A user-friendly interface gives an overview of all fixtures and allows you to select information, statistics, firmwares to update, errors and solutions. The user experience is tailor made designed to increase the efficiency on the operations, giving to the user all the information that he will need in the right moment.

Each box can be easily paired with the user account just inserting the user credentials on the device.

Colormatch in-field calibration
Colormatch in-field calibration

CloudIO enhances Claypaky multiengine LED fixtures with advanced calibration capabilities. Integrated seamlessly with an external color meter through specially designed firmware, the platform facilitates:
Absolute color calibration, for in-field fixtures recalibration. It is effective when working with fixtures from different batches or varying lifetimes. Users can also revert to the default factory calibration.
Digital filter functionality, for flexibility in selecting any color point from a diverse range of lighting sources and accurately replicate it using compatible Claypaky fixtures. This boosts the versatility and adaptability of the lighting setup for specific creative or operational needs.

  • Claypaky CloudIO is an open platform that works with RDM-compliant fixtures. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee the other brand compliance and that future firmware upgrades of other brands’ fixtures (that do not fulfill RDM standards) will make non-compatible what is today compatible (as we cannot influence other brand development).

  • CloudIO is classified as an Edge Computing IoT Solution. The Encoders are designed for applications requiring low latency, such as real-time control of moving heads. Currently, encoders play a crucial role in our LED calibration process.

  • The physical limits of DMX state that there can be a maximum of 32 devices on a single cable. The cable can not be longer than 300 meters and it should be wired in a daisy chain. You can connect up to 31 devices to the CloudIO and we strongly recommend putting a DMX terminator over 20 fixtures.
    The terminator has a single 120 Ohm termination resistor to be fitted at the end of the signal cable.

  • It is a web-based application and will run on the most common web browsers on PC / MAC / Tablets.

  • CloudIO display is designed to set up and activate the CloudIO Gateway, not to connect to the Cloud Platform. The Cloud Platform can be accessed by an internet-connected device with a web browser (e.g. Chrome).

  • CloudIO platform is an online platform, therefore it works only if CloudIO and the device that hosts the web browser are connected online.
    CloudIO Box can be used offline to update fixture firmware previously downloaded on a USB stick.

  • CloudIO is equipped with an ArtNet-ready port, and it will be available soon.

  • The fixture must have on board the CPU FPGA firmware from version ARM9_HW_14.0.000 onwards. This firmware must be installed in all the connected fixtures; it indeed enables the RDM communication.
    If even one of the connected lights does not have this firmware installed, you may not be able to see any discovered fixture.
    You can download it in the Claypaky customer care area, store it on a USB stick, and update the fixtures using the CloudIO Fixtures Firmware Uploader.

  • Please, be aware that in case of a network under a firewall or with peculiar security restrictions, the network requirements for the CloudIO box are the following:

    HTTPS address reached: – port 443
    MQTT address reached: – port 443

  • Yes, you can connect the keyboard using the frontal USB ports; just be aware that the keyboard will have a US layout.

  • If the file system gets corrupted, the CloudIO box will boot with a Recovery software version.
    When the Recovery version starts, a new software installation is required; just copy the latest software update package to a USB pen drive and update the box following the steps displayed on the screen.
    To avoid file system corruption, we strongly recommend waiting for the boot phase to complete before switching off the box.

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