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Why Volero

Claypaky has always been known for its research and innovation skills. Volero is a range of technology leading, high-performance fixtures with original and unique optical, lighting and construction characteristics on the market. With the Volero Wave you will have eight separate heads at your disposal, each independently capable of moving on a 220° TILT and giving rise to three-dimensional and volumetric projections that have never been possible before. Additionally the Volero Batten Aqua breaks barriers as well, featuring extra-wide lenses with separate zoom control and bringing all the Claypaky quality also for outdoor use in all weathers. All fixtures of the Volero family offer the exclusive Advanced Layers Management facility. Now welcome the exclusive Volero Cube, a real 4-in-1 fusion moving head! Experience the convenience of multiple lighting effects in one unit – it combines beam, wash, strobe, and pixel mapping skills in a single compact device! You can also seamlessly connect two or more fixtures without special accessories, to create an effect similar to Volero Wave. Creativity, cubed.