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Television productions can be both demanding and costly.  The need for seamless operations, ease of installation, and swift changes in lighting effects is of utmost importance. Recognizing these challenges, Claypaky offers a diverse range of fixtures that cater to the specific needs of television studios. Our extensive product lineup provides designers with a multitude of options to precisely match light to mood, resulting in maximum broadcast impact. From dynamic lighting effects to subtle nuances, our fixtures empower designers to effortlessly create captivating visuals that enhance the overall viewing experience. Discover solutions to elevate the quality and versatility of your broadcasts.


Differentation is a key for Claypaky not only in the products but also in the service and support. Customers may request in-depth technical analysis and advice specific to their projects, onsite or via online trainings, workshops or product demostrations as well as timely after sales technical assistance and marketing support whenever it is needed. On top of the global support, Claypaky has put together a broad and high-quality network of distributors that hold the Claypaky flag all over the world.

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