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By their nature, Claypaky products show their qualities best live. This is why we have invited clients, lighting designers and lighting operators to ask for a demo of the models they are most interested in by contacting the Claypaky distribution network. In addition to dealer showrooms, Claypaky has now opened its own showroom for specialists in the field to view all the products on its catalogue.
The Claypaky showroom is a cutting-edge space especially designed to enhance all the different lighting effects in the best possible way. Large and spacious, it features a stage and a mechanized truss installed with every product on the catalogue. You can come and watch the demos in comfort and ask Claypaky technicians anything about individual characteristics and performance.
By examining each product in action and fully understanding how it works, you can then go on to choose the models and combinations of products that best suit your needs.

The Claypaky showroom is not just an exhibition space but also an “artistic workshop” where specialists in the field can come and bounce off ideas and push their creativity to the limit.

Claypaky Light Show