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Why Shield Family?

Born with the goal of creating a new standard of weather resistant fixtures that are high-performance, ultra-durable, and long-lasting, these IP66 certified lights have unique advantages, not only in performance but also in handling and use. Whether used indoors or outdoors, the high level of impenetrability minimizes the need for maintenance and the resulting use of time and resources, allowing you to fully dedicate yourself to the show.

They offer an IP66 degree of protection which is greater than the average protection offered by the products currently on the market. IP rating refers to ingress protection rating or international protection ratings, which are used to qualify levels of dust- and water-sealing effectiveness. It is crucial to consider IP ratings if the fixtures are installed in dusty or wet environments.

An IP66 rated fixture is protected against multi-directional, high-pressure water jets. To pass IP66 testing, the fixture must be able to withstand water projected from 0.50-inch nozzle, multi-directional, high-pressure jets. This test must be run for a minimum of three minutes, at a distance of three yards, with a water volume of 26.4 gallons per minute and a pressure of 100 kPa.

Some fixtures even offer a Marine-grade protection, which further expands the field of application to the cruise ship sector.

On top of that, our IP66 products are equipped with the harsh environment features which means that there are strictly tested to meet the rigors of vibrations and shocks from transportation, very cold ambient temperatures, impact from falling hailstones, electrical overstress, aggressive atmospheres, UV radiation and much more.