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Why Skylos

Say goodbye to doubts and embrace the future with SKYLOS – Claypaky's revolutionary fixture designed to overcome the limitations of traditional searchlights. Versatile and powerful, SKYLOS boasts an impressive list of features, making it more than just a searchlight.
From grand stages to the dynamic touring sector, SKYLOS delivers unmatched flexibility and reliability, catering to the demands of lighting designers. Its custom 300W white light laser source ensures a parallel, uniform beam while addressing temperature and safety concerns. It is weatherproof, being part of the Shield Family (IP66), featuring high resistance also in harsh weather conditions.

Following the success of Skylos, Claypaky is now introducing Skylos NV (Non-Variance) – The first lighting moving head* in its power class based on laser technology (phosphor-converted white) on the entertainment lighting market exempt from FDA CDRH variance! * Not based on scanning or rotating mirrors/optics
Take full advantage of your Skylos NV purchase by later opting for the seamless transformation to the variance-required version of the Skylos version. Thanks to the “Laser Variance Program”, an effortless automated solution crafted by Claypaky experts, you will be fully supported through your journey to obtaining the variance simply and straightforwardly. Contact us for more info.

Step into the future of show lighting with SKYLOS – where innovation meets excellence, transforming ordinary moments into extraordinary experiences.