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AED Rent Increases Clay Paky Stock to more than 2,500 fixtures
AED Rent
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Belgium – Pan European AV solutions provider AED Rent has announced it now has a stock of more than 2,500 Clay Paky fixtures.

AED Rent, which has headquarters in Willebroek, Belgium but also has offices in the Netherlands, France, Germany and the UK, now offers in excess of 566 Clay Paky Sharpys for rent, and nearly 2000 other Clay Paky fixtures, including Alpha Spot HPE 1200, Alpha Wash 1200, Alpha Spot QWO 800, and Alpha Profile 1500.

“Two years ago we received a request from one of our major customers for high-performance profile fixtures. Following this we organised a shootout to make sure we would know what was available on the market,” says Steven Mansvelt, Light Department Manager at AED Rent.

“The Clay Paky Alpha Profile 1500 was a really interesting fixture for us, comparing value for money, so we ordered our first batch and that was the start of a fast growing collaboration between AED Rent and Clay Paky.”

Mansvelt says that AED Rent and its clients have recognised the huge advances that Clay Paky has made in design and functionality as well as performance.

“The consistent manufacturing quality and market stability of the Alpha series convinced us to go along and invest into the Clay Paky brand. Our clients and our service staff are very satisfied with the operational and maintenance qualities of Clay Paky. Now, we are looking to further extend our Clay Paky rental fleet – we have a constant growing demand from the market.”

AED is not a conventional rental house, but an ‘equipment banker’; renting out equipment to major rental and production houses around the world. The company is on a mission to ‘develop and maintain a flexible group of companies on a Pan-European base that offers a total solution for the professional in the AV industry.’

“Clay Paky is delighted that its fixtures are so highly demanded by so many in the rental market,” says Pio Nahum, chief commercial officer of Clay Paky. “The nature and size of AED Rent means that it provides a fantastic barometer on what is going on in the market place. The fact that it has chosen to purchase so many Clay Paky fixtures says a great deal about the demand for our fixtures from end users all over Europe. It’s also great to have such a pro-active player championing our products in such a competitive industry.”