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“I chose the Alpha Beam 300 for Tina Turner and Queen + Paul Rodgers because of their low power consumption, unparalleled output compared to anything else in its class. I was most impressed by their reliability, speed and effectiveness. They are light, bright and pack a powerful punch. I love them”.
Baz Halpin (LD for the Queen + Paul Rodgers and for the Tina Turner tour)

Baz Halpin is one of the countless and acclaimed international LDs who chose Alpha Beam for his work. First for Queen + Paul Rodgers’s European tour (Sept. 12 – Nov. 27, 2008), then for Tina Turner, the soul star who returned to the stage on a world tour-de-force with over 70 concerts, from October 2008 to April 2009.

Alpha Beam 300 and Alpha Beam 1500 – 300 W and 1500 W models respectively – will be the highlights at Clay Paky’s LDI stand (nr. 850) and are both nominated for the “Best Debuting Product Awards” organised by LDI.

Clay Paky, thanks to the new partnership with PRG Distribution for the distribution of its products on the US, Canadian and Japanese markets, is sure that the Beams will soon become essential to all the most important lighting design projects.

The Alpha Beam is not a wash nor a spot but a new exclusive Beam Moving Light concept with thus far unimaginable lighting, graphics and movement performance.

The Alpha Beam 300 W model was launched on the market at the beginning of 2008 and quickly won everyone over. Official recognition was not far behind: on September 8th, it won the prestigious Plasa 2008 “Award for Innovation”.

The ALPHA BEAM 300W and 1500W will be on display at LDI in Las Vegas from October 24 – 26. Don’t miss it!!!