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“Art on Ice”: Gala with Clay Paky Alpha 1500
Lighting Designer
Marcus Boßdorf
Habegger AG
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The Art on Ice Gala is held every year at the Zurich Hallenstadion and is the world’s leading event in this sector. This year, the four-day Gala was attended by 60,000 spectators at the stadium and an even larger TV audience.

LD Marcus Boßdorf explained: “This year the indication was to focus more discreetly on the Light show element to further promote the on-stage video and dancers. In terms of light and video creation, this was translated into more closely merging the ice rink, stage and video and creating harmonious imagery worlds, more clearly structured, instead of enhancing leading single elements. Light is included in the overall picture instead of in the single element”.

“The Alpha Spot HPE 1500 were the only possible choice due to their excellent lighting performance and effects full of angles. It took only eight of these lights to illuminate the 55x25m ice rink with structures, without losing themselves in the washlights’ colour creation. I then decided to add some Alpha Beam 1500 lights to a group of washlights. Thanks to the three levels of frost offered by this projector, the combination of Alpha Beams with Washlights was perfect from the visual standpoint. Powerful beam effects could also be enhanced thanks to the combinations of gobos and prisms from the main panel”.

Habegger AG was the company in charge of planning and production. It has been in charge of the media planning, organisation and logistics of the Hallenstadion show since 1999. Video production manager: Marcus Krömer; general technical director: Florian Sidjanski employed by Habegger.

Copyright images: Florian Sidjanski