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Lighting Designer
Nick WhiteHouse, Brian Lietch
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Atlantis is the Arabian Nights-style resort on Palm Island, Dubai. The artificial island is considered one of the biggest engineering feats in the world with its 520 km of coastline plucked from the water.

The official resort launch was one of the most magnificent ceremonies in recent history, with 100,000 fireworks (seven times the number used at the recent Olympic Games!) and latest generation lighting, sound and video technology.

It was an unforgettable show before the whole world (the ceremony was broadcast on satellite TV channels) and the 2000 VIPs invited to the opening. According to press sources, the whole operation cost around sixteen million euros, and it was reckoned to be the most expensive private party ever.

Among the numerous events along side the celebration, one of the most important was the Middle East debut concert of the Australian star Kylie Minogue. Lighting designers Nick Whitehouse and Brian Lietch designed the set-up for the main stage using – among other lights – Clay Paky Alpha Wash 1200s and Alpha Spot HPE 1200s. Their task was to come up with something that combined the requirements of the pop concert with the needs of the corporate event. The lights and scenic elements already used on the Kylie Minogue tour had to be set into the broader context of the inauguration.

The result was a classy show with a strong theatrical component, which fitted in perfectly with the images projected onto the walls of the hotel. The lights were used discreetly, in order not to distract attention from the real star of the evening: the Atlantis, whose imposing form stood out in the background.

As LD Nick Whitehouse confirmed, the lion’s share of the show was achieved with wash lights. There was a very bright videoscreen above the stage, and to make sure that the band and choreographies “stood out”, an enormous number of wash lights were needed. Obviously a lighting show of such proportions has to be planned in detail. To do this, several tests and computer simulations were performed, which were precious for the American companies Gearhouse and Upstaging that provided the equipment.

Lighting Staff:
Lighting Designers, Main Stage: Brian Lietch and Nick Whitehouse
Lighting Designer, Party Area: Ray Thompson
Lighting Crew Chief, Main Stage: Tom James
Fireworks Designer: Phil Grucci, CEO, Fireworks by Grucci

Gearhouse, PRG, Syncrolite, TechnoPro, Upstaging Lighting, VLS