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At the recent ABTT “Annual Awards Dinner 2007” in London, Clay Paky has officially announced the Awards for “The Knight of Illumination”.

The event, promoted and sponsored by Clay Paky, in association with STLD and ALD, will provide public recognition for outstanding achievements in Lighting Design by UK based Lighting Designers, in a number of professional areas.
At the same time, these Awards will forge closer ties between the world of Lighting Design and the Lighting Industry as a whole.

Clay Paky, who has always been attentive to the needs of the lighting market and its Designers, has always regarded the professional figure of the Lighting Designer as a “Knight of Illumination”,a slightly romantic and generous figure, always ready to offer and defend values of integrity and professionalism in the world in which he, or she, operates.
And the “Knights of Illumination” offer their values with their lighting SWORD in hand, a simple metaphor of the“automated light” tool put at their disposal by the Lighting Industry.

The Awards for “The Knight of the Illumination” will be nominated and judged by a panel professional reviewers working in the specific categories, selected and coordinated entirely by STLD and ALD. These two British associations of Lighting Designers will ensure that these Awards go to recipients showing professionalism and integrity of Lighting Design each year.

The judges for each of the categories of the awards, and the criteria of nomination will be selected and coordinated entirely by STLD and ALD.

Clay Paky, who conceived and promoted the event, will have the great honour and pleasure of sponsoring it, and will be presenting the winners with their prizes, in the following professional areas and categories:


  • Arena events
  • Stage events


  • Musicals
  • Drama
  • DAnce
  • Opera


  • Light entertainment show
  • Drama
  • Special events
  • Music programmes

and lastly, a very special category which may or may not belong directly to the world of Lighting Designas such, but one which we thought right and proper to include. Is is an award for:


The first edition of the Awards for “The Knight of Illumination”will take place in exactly one year’s time, generously hosted as a “special section” at the ABTT Annual Awards Dinner, 2008.

As of now and by that date, the judges will be busy with their work of examination, analysis and assessment, to produce the nominations for the respective Awards.

Further information on the event, on the criteria of evaluation and on the rules for participation, will soon beavailable on the Clay Paky website and by STLD and ALD.