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Bandit Lites invests in Clay Paky video curtain
Lighting Designer
Bill Brennan
Bandit Lites
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Bandit Lites has added the semi-transparent Clay Paky Mirage LED Curtain to its inventory.  Designed for indoor or outdoor use, the see-through video display comes in individual square panels that can be quickly assembled to create a seamless surface of light.

Bandit Lites, who received a total of 270 Mirage panels, selected the Clay Paky brand over several other alternative systems.

The Mirage was given its first airing on CBS television during the NCAA College Basketball Final Four Tournament, one of the most widely watched sporting events in the USA, second only to the Super Bowl in viewership numbers. Lighting Designer Bill Brennan of Just Lighting incorporated the panels as part of his design for the CBS TV booth, using them to create a video backdrop for the sports commentators.

“Bill was stunned by the color, the clarity, the brightness and the quality of the Mirage panels”, was the verdict from Bandit Lites. “Net, he is very impressed and wants them on all his jobs!”

The Mirage features full color SMD LEDs at 20mm pitch with a brightness of 2,350 Nits (cd/m2). The system travels in individual square panels that can be quickly assembled into a variety of shapes, and secured via a quick-lock system to form a sturdy structure. The spine created by the power system at the rear is extremely narrow with no wiring visible from the front, making it a highly transparent and neatly designed video wall.

Its fast assembly system and ease of use make Mirage an obvious choice for rental and production companies who are looking for a logistically simple means to create video displays.  The system can be used for a wide variety of applications including small and large events, live shows and TV work.

Bandit Lites, which has trained its staff on the use of the product, also stocks a variety of media servers to control the video content.