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BBC Comic Relief does Glee Club with Clay Paky
Lighting Designer
Roger Williams
Richard Martin Lighting
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Even if the name Sue Sylvester doesn’t yet frighten the life out of you and you’ve never heard of Glee, there’s little doubt you will do soon.

As Glee fever sweeps the UK, the hit high school TV drama has inspired British kids to compete in a charity fund-raising spin-off called Comic Relief does Glee Club. The show was aired during Comic Relief Week, when the whole country gets together to entertain each other and raise cash for UK charities.

Hosted by BBC presenters Sam & Mark, the all-singing, all-dancing new series kicked off on BBC One with the aim of finding the UK’s best youth Glee Club. Young hopefuls from across the country performed in front of a panel of celebrity judges.

LD Roger Williams designed the spectacular light show with equipment provided by Richard Martin Lighting. Tom Sutherland was on hand to assist Roger as moving light operator. According to RML, the lighting rig consisted of equipment made by a number of manufacturers, but the real star of the show was the Clay Paky moving light, the Alpha Beam 700.

Small, fast and lightweight, the Alpha Beam 700 is known for producing tight parallel beams that show up extremely well on camera – making them one of the most popular tools for television work. The unit creates highly visible beams that cut through even the brightest scenes awash with LED. The Alpha Beam 700 is also blessed with smooth movements and brilliant optics, giving designers the confidence to use them in the most demanding and high profile shows.