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Lighting Designer
Andreas Fuchs
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“Belle et Fou”, which opened in Berlin in May 2006, is the first theatre of the senses that offers its audience a unique show, rich in eroticism, dance, music and theatre. This production by Arthur Castro, Hans-Peter Wodarz and Günter Münstermann tells stories focused on sensuality and the force of attraction exercised on us by the other sex. The venue is the Casino of Berlin, in a theatre conceived, designed and built specifically for this show. The 300 or so seats have advanced lighting, video and audiotechniques to offer the best support for the 14 performances staged every week.

“Pleasure can take multiple forms of expression, but without any limits,” says Arthur Castro. Inspired by this concept, lighting designer Andreas Fuchs used creative and varied equipment: in all, over 70 Moving Lights, a videowall made up of 27 single modules (9.00 x 2.10 m), some LEDs and 76 Clay Paky Point INs are used in the area for the audience. The entire system is controlled by a grandMA light. The characteristic is that each Point IN, like the decorative lights, can be individually controlled and are programmed on a console to guarantee a general atmosphere with the possibility of personalized adaptation. The grandMA controls the media servers, and the images on the videowall, to ensure absolute synchronism, accurate to a frame, of all the equipment, as the programmer Lars Wulff explains.

Belle et Fou stimulates all the senses, through four specially created aromatic fragrances, aromatic shakers inserted in the seats and music exclusively composed for Belle et Fou by the  DJs, producers and musicians of Jazzanova.

Directors: Tobias Stark, Dirk Kornberger
Lighting Designer: Andreas Fuchs
Programming: Lars Wulff and Anne Sehlz
Technical Production: Neumann & Müller
Technical Director: Jurij Mirtschin