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Brisbane’s mammoth The Met nightclub ‘astounds’ clubbers with Clay Paky Sharpys
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Australia – Brisbane’s state of the art nightclub The Met has announced its Main Room is ‘astounding’ customers, following the installation of Clay Paky’s super bright, laser-like beam Sharpys.

The Met, located in the city’s Fortitude Valley, is a huge purpose-built nightlife venue that ‘prides itself on offering the latest in lighting and sound technology’.

Four Clay Paky Sharpys – a lightweight, moving light, which produces an unprecedented pure, bright beam whilst being incredibly energy efficient – are now wowing the club’s customers. Two Sharpy are positioned at the top of the onstage LED screen and two are located either side of the DJ booth.

“Their beam is awesome and I love their colours and their speed,” says Pete Smith, The Met’s technical director. “Everyone is amazed with the lighting effects and the kids refer to them as ‘those searchlight things’ as they are astounded at the amount of light that comes out of such a small fixture.”

Clay Paky Sharpys offer 14 different colours and 17 gobos, allowing lighting designers to change the shape of the beam and create an array of spectacular mid-air effects. Sharpy is also available in a shiny mirror-finish chrome version, adding glamour to sets while making lights a less invasive presence.

“Sharpys really cut through and are something different in a club environment,” added Smith. “We should have got a heap more because they’re great!”