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CCG Lights up the 3rd Senior Convocation
Lighting Designer
Giovanni Zucchinali
Creative Communication Group
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Creative Communication Group was hired by QMDI Event Organizer to produce the light and sound for the 3rd Senior Convocation of Qatar Education City. On the 5th of May a celebrating live concert took place at Qatar Foundation Ceremonial Court for the great Saudi Arabian singer Abdul Majid Abdullah. 

Like any other big event, challenges rise up but with the experience and know how of CCG’ team, breaks down each challenge into a success. 

The lighting system used on stage had some limitations due to the shape of venue and the stage, the only possibility was to use a truss of 12m height with no way to get any front lights, because of that CCG lighting crew used the Clay Paky Alpha Profile 1200 from the control area which was about 40 meters from the stage. The position was a bit frontal, but crossing the beams with a good angle didn’t bother the artist on stage. 

A huge LED wall was used to send different contents and pictures and because of that, the quantity of light on stage was so much and they had to balance it with the Clay Paky Alpha Wash and Alpha HPE 1200. 

“The light output of the Alpha 1200 is great, especially using the narrow beam; we could see clearly the aerial effects”, commented Michel Khairallah, CCG Head of Light Department.

Another challenge was to give deepness to the entire picture. The seats for the audience were large, about 60/70mt, but the stage and the lighting system were just a quarter in size. Also, the entire venue is nice and the space is really wide. 

“ We decided to add 24 Alpha Beam 1500, 12 for each side at 5 meters of distance from each other, and shooting them on the sky, creating great crossing beam effects.” Says, Giovanni Zucchnali , Light Designer

 Adding, “We also added 24 Alpha Beam 300, some of them on top of the sides of the led screen, outside the stage, some of them on front of the stage, and some other right above the control area. In this way we could “enfold” the audience, under 48 beam of light. The effect was exciting!”

Giovanni Continuing, “The light programming was done following a simple track. Everything was live; Because of this I made some movement and colors that were matching my feeling, listening to the music.”

 “ Adding those 48 alpha beam gave us the opportunity to concentrate a lot on different effects and movements on them, so the real stage was not only where physically the artists were performing, but at that point the stage was all the venue, also the audience was part of it.” Says Michel Khairallah, CCG Head of Light

“ In all this, I had to point out the fact that all the alphas worked perfectly, we didn’t have any single issue during those days. The entire system was extremely reliable, the NPU and the Optocore DD6NE (fast Ethernet Network device with 150m optic fiber cables) together with the GrandMa2 full size with the networking process unit were perfect as usual”, says Jalal Dudin, CCG Managing Director.

A total amount of 86 Clay Paky units were used for the Senior Convocation. 24 Clay Paky 1200 Wash, 12 Clay Paky 1200 Spot, 12 Clay Paky 1200 Profile, 24 Clay Paky 1500 Beam and 14 Clay Paky 300 Beam.