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“The City” is the result of an ambitious and precise project: to create the world’s most astounding clubs in the very center of Cancun. The City, a multifunctional complex designed for all ages, immediately became a landmark for both locals as well as for the numerous tourists that flock to Cancun’s magnificent beaches.

Nothing has been left to chance in “The City”. Every detail regarding decor and technological solutions has been carefully evaluated and selected to create a exceptionally upscale final product. After only a few months since its inauguration, owner Mike Kelly and general manager Kurt Jansen can indeed be proud of their brainchild.

On arriving from Cancun’s busiest thoroughfare, The City’s three-dimensional façade grabs your attention with skyscrapers, towers and a variety of architectural styles all of which form the club’s logo and hint at the surprises waiting inside. With a surface area of 9000 square meters and a 5000 person capacity, The City extends over various levels: a nightclub, a beach club, a lounge area, a restaurant and terrace bar.

The 2500 square meter nightclub lies beneath a vaulted ceiling. Inside, there is a spacious disco floor, as well as two exclusive areas for private parties and VIPs. Nine bars located on the three levels operate around the clock. The Nightclub offers shows of all kinds, from disco music, dazzling light and laser shows to live entertainment, theatre and cabaret shows and the trendiest music around.

The lounge, on the other hand, offers a more intimate and relaxing atmosphere with seductive lighting, soft music, appetizers, cocktails, and desserts all served by an expert staff.

The beach club is the epitome of an outdoor party: a gigantic pool with an artificial wave-maker able to create waves of over 20,000 gallons per minute where you can surf and participate in other water sports even on a competitive level. Not enough? How about 3 bar-restaurants with huge terraces, jacuzzis and beach cabanas! The Beach Club is without a doubt the coolest and most innovative club in all of America.

Strategically located on Kukulcan Boulevard, Cancun’s most famous street, the bar terrace offers an irresistible combination of relaxation and fun. This chic yet peaceful oasis has become the place to be, whether for socializing or simply unwinding.

The Porterhouse Grill, The City’s world-renowned restaurant, offers the finest traditional and international cuisine with a breathtaking ocean view.

The lighting system consisting of high profile professional projectors is indeed in line with the trend setting image Kurt Jansen wanted his club to project.

“I knew Clay Paky to be one of the world’s most prestigious and reliable brands. I contacted Jorge Aguirre at Vector 10, who distributes Clay Paky products in Mexico. I quickly realized that these projectors were the best both for optics as well as color projection. I created a light design outline with Jorge and Francesco Romagnoli, the Clay Paky manager for the Americas, that guaranteed maximum lighting performance for each area. After a number of months following installation, and given the special effects we obtained and the enthusiasm of the public, I can safely say that I made the best choice”.

The Clay Paky lighting system inside The City is truly impressive: 18 Stage Profile Plus SVs, 18 Stage Zoom 1200s, 36 Stage Color 1200s, 64 Stage Light 300s, 48 Stage Scans, 150 Mini Scan HPEs, 4 Astroscans, and 4 Shadow QS-LTs, for a total of 342 projectors. The multitude of light effects and a lighting system designed to support up to 1 million watts combine to create a stunning light show. No other disco in America or perhaps even in the world has lighting equipment that can compare!

The projectors were installed in all of the different areas that make up the club. The majority were installed inside the club on a totally motorized structure able to reach a height of 12 meters.

It takes more than just lighting equipment to make The City one of the world’s most technologically advanced clubs: a superior quality laser system, a 9×5 meter maxi video screen, Meyer audio with 150,000 watt 5.1 system and not to mention a top level staff of DJs, LJs, entertainers and vocalists.

All of the areas were designed to accommodate any type of show or event: special theme evenings, concerts, cabaret, theatrical shows, live concerts and conferences. The Beach Club’s grand opening, one of its most successful parties, featured the participation of MTV.

Guests may choose from a variety of special promotional packages divided by area, as well as an all-inclusive food and drink formula. The “24 hours of the City” package is the most complete, offering the possibility of enjoying all the services available in all the areas non-stop.

Quality is the name of the game at The City with its explosive mix of music, high technology, relaxation and trends: after a night in The City, you too will have to agree with management’s brazen promise: “Get ready for the clubbing experience of a lifetime!”