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Clay Paky with 3rd Dimension at the Hilton Hotel
3rd Dimension Eventech
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The ninth anniversary of the Jeddah Hilton Hotel, Saudi Arabia, took place with the usual magnificence. The event included an annual party on 30 January and a grand gala dinner on 31 January 2009. Six hundred guests took part in the events including 3rd Dimension Eventech, which received a special mention for “Highly Advanced Technology” in the lighting, audio, video, laser and special effects sector. 

3rd Dimension Eventech used Clay Paky lights on the lighting rig in the hall: Alpha Spot Easy 1200s, Alpha Spot HPE 575s, Alpha Spot 575s and Alpha Beam 300s. 

3rd Dimension Eventech has set up over 650 shows in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) area since 1990, and was the first company in Arabia to introduce the laser effect. The company staff is extremely competent, and able to set up and organize every type of light and laser show in record times. 

Material used: 

Sixteen Clay Paky Alpha Spot Easy 1200s.
Twelve Clay Paky Alpha Spot HPE 575s.
Eight Clay Paky Alpha Spot 575s.
Six Clay Paky Alpha Beam 300s.
Two 8W green lasers for left and right background beams.
A 6W colour laser for graphics on top of the front screen truss.
A 14W colour laser in the middle of the stage, for beams.
Four Pangolin network cards for controlling lasers with laptops and software.
Two sets of 20m long trusses, one for LCD projectors and one for lights.
Two 5m diameter circle trusses, left and right of the main screen, for banners and lights.
Front projection main screen: complete 14×4.5m truss frame.
Complete black fabric backdrop (60m wide and 9m high).
Two 15000-Lumen LCD projectors with professional software and wing system for a single projection on a 14×4.5m screen using high-tech fibre optic cables.
Sound System:
Eight FBT PSR-230A 1000W amplified speakers.
Six FBT PSR-215A 800W amplified speakers.
Eight CerwinVega Prostax 600W speakers.
Four CerwinVega 1500W double subwoofers.
Seven CerwinVega 300W stage monitors.
One V96 Yamaha digital sound mixing console.