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Clay Paky Illuminates Eros Ramazzotti
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Clay Paky Alpha Beam 1500 was specifically requested for the recent Eros Ramazzotti concert at the Teatro Telmex in Guadalajara Jalisco, Mexico. Supporting his new album, Ali e Radici (Wings and Roots), Ramazzotti performed to a sold out crowd of over 11,000. Italian singer-songwriter Eros Ramazzotti is an international superstar, with huge fan bases in Europe and most of the Spanish-speaking world, as he releases his albums in both Italian and Spanish.

Mexican rental company Luzmila supplied 30 Clay Paky Alpha Beam 1500 fixtures for the show – the first time used in Mexico and South America. Luzmila Lighting Technician Federico Figueroa explained, “When the lighting design team from Eros Ramazzotti heard that Luzmila had the first Alpha Beam 1500s in Mexico, they called us right away. The fixtures did a phenomenal job. The beams are intensely bright and very fast. The effects were spectacular and Mr. Ramazzotti and his team were very pleased.”

The Alpha Beam 1500 fixtures were placed in rows of five fixtures each on 6 movable truss sections positioned over the stage. The truss sections were raised, lowered and rotated during the performance to alternate between straight lines and crossing angles as well as varying heights, allowing for a wide range of looks. Lighting control came from a Martin Maxxyz. The stage was completed with a large 7 metre wide by 4-metre tall high-resolution LED screen showing images of Ramazzotti during the performances.

Bruno Santaguida, Managing Director of Luzmila said, “This was the first time the Alpha Beam 1500 was used in this part of the world. Mr. Ramazzotti put on a fantastic performance and his design team showcased the fixtures most attractively. They were seen by a very large audience and we were happy to be part of it.”

Clay Paky Sales Manager Francesco Romagnoli added, “Luzmila is a very strong partner to Clay Paky and has a very strong presence in Latin America. When we heard that the Alpha Beam 1500 was specifically requested for the Eros Ramazzotti concert, we were very proud, as he is a huge star in Italy and around the world. The support from Luzmila was fantastic.