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Clay Paky lights Matricole & Meteore
Lighting Designer
Massimiliano Cavenaghi
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Matricole & Meteore is a television programme that was broadcast on Italia 1 during prime time for two editions in 2002 and 2010. The transmission was created by merging two previous programme formats, Matricole and Meteore, both broadcast on Italia 1. Meteore unearthed now-forgotten celebrities who used to be very well known in the past, and Matricole revealed the debuts of currently successful stars. The 2010 edition was hosted by Nicola Savino and Juliana Moreira.

The lighting equipment used included 40 Alpha Spot HPE 575s, 10 Alpha Beam 300s, 16 Stage Profile Plus SVs and 40 CP Color MHs.

Director of Photography: Massimiliano Cavenaghi

Lighting Operator: Lorenzo Bassani