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Clay Paky New Products @ Plasa 2010: SHARPY won the Plasa Awards!


The tiny moving head generating an agile, parallel beam flying so high in the sky

After revolutionizing the world of show lighting with its “beam concept”, Clay Paky now presents Sharpy, a 189W lamp Beam Moving Light with an unprecedented brightness that until now has only been possible with lamps nine times more powerful. Its light beam is in fact so concentrated and aligned that it looks more like a laser ray.

Sharpy’s secret lies in its unique optical unit and cutting-edge Philips Platinum lamp complete with a reflector. Due to the tiny arc of the source, the light emission is focused on an incredibly small surface area (a few cm2). Sharpy is ground-breaking for the chromatic purity, sharpness and uniformity of its halo-free beam. It also offers 14 different colours thanks to ultra-pure dichroic filters.

17 gobos allow you to change the shape of the beam and create an array of spectacular mid-air effects, as all the gobos are fitted on the same wheel.

Last but not least, Sharpy is very small and lightweight (50cm x 16 Kg), incredibly powerful for its size and eye-catching in design. Easy to install and transport, it can be fitted anywhere, on trusses at live and TV events, on stage, in showrooms or conference rooms. Sharpy is also eco-friendly with its very low energy consumption.

–> SHARPY WON THE “2010 PLASA AWARDS FOR INNOVATION”. In the words of the Judges, “we never thought we’d see a 190W light that we could use in Wembley Arena”.


Enhanced lumen output for a clean beam, shaped by a perfect framing system, generated by a light-weight, low-consumption, noise-free moving head

After Spot HPE, Wash and Beam, the successful range of 700W Alpha projectors is now complete with the new Alpha Profile 700 and its breakthrough framing system.

This new spotlight has all the features that have earned the 700 series international acclaim: compact, lightweight design, speed, movement and effects acceleration and even greater brightness than more powerful projectors.

Alpha Profile 700 also features a cutting-edge framing system with tiny microstep motors and special materials fitted inside the smallest 700-watt moving body on the market. Focal distances have also been especially designed to focus effects even inside shaped profile.

This marvel of miniature design offers a full gamut of effects, including 8 rotating gobos, rotating prism, frost…- and the groundbreaking Clay Paky patented “autofocus” function. Alpha 700 Profile is in fact able to create the most stunning graphic animation in triangles and quadrangles of all shapes and sizes, while the Dyna-Cue-Creator function simplifies programming enormously with a special channel featuring sophisticated combinations of personalizable multiple effects.

Developed especially for the theatre and TV, Alpha Profile 700 is renowned for its incredible brightness and compact dimensions. Even the decibel rating has been reduced to an astonishing  43 dBA (41 dBA in “half power” more).

–> ALPHA PROFILE 700 RECEIVED A SPECIAL COMMENDATION AT THE “2010 PLASA AWARDS FOR INNOVATION”. Clay Paky have both improved on their existing technology used in larger fixtures and scaled it to fit a smaller unit which, in the words of the Judges, “now allows designers to be more creative on a smaller scale”.


The only moving-head luminaire combining stage washing features with authentic high-power Xenon strobing

Shotlight Wash is a totally new kind of projector that combines an extraordinary 1500W discharge lamp washlight and a 3000W Xenon lamp strobe in just one device. The most striking thing about Shotlight is that the two wash-strobe functions are not separate but perfectly integrated and can be operator-controlled with either simultaneous or separate switching-on and special effects. The control electronics are also unique with their perfectly integrated design.

Shotlight’s “wash” works just like an Alpha Wash 1500 moving head, while the strobe function is a circular crown fitted inside the front lens of the washlight and made of two semi-circular Xenon lamps, each 1500W. These lamps work independently, i.e. they can be switched on separately or simultaneously and flash at different frequencies.

Shotlight Wash offers an endless array of spectacular features:
– It can function as a strobe with daylight colour temperature; the two lamps allow you to regulate power on two levels (1500/3000W), with a continuous and auto-fade blinder effect and a wide range of other pre-programmed special effects.
– The innovative semi-circular shape of the lamps and their asynchronous operation allow you to create extra-special stroboscopic effects, while the moving yoke effectively moves and directs the light emission.
– The strobe and wash can be combined to create stunning and totally innovative coloured strobe effects, while the powerful Alpha 1500 colour engine offers an astonishing chromatic range.
– When the strobe and wash sections operate simultaneously, Shotlight can be used as both a motorized and coloured blinder and animates uniformly coloured set designs with an incredibly sharp strobe effect at adjustable frequency.
– Shotlight Wash is an extra-special washlight with its unique optical unit and spectacular chromatic features.
– Shotlight Wash is the most powerful moving-head on the market, with a maximum power of 4500W (when both lamps operate together).


Tool-free auto-lock quick-clamping and quick-connect system

Mirage, Clay Paky’s new semi-transparent led display, presents an innovative and patented mounting system and module connection that makes ledwalls of all sizes even safer and quicker to install.

Its bayonet system is specifically designed to allow mechanical and electrical mounting of two adjacent panels in just one, simple step. Rows of panels can also be attached horizontally with the help of quick and simple safety systems at your fingertips.

Using this revolutionary attachment system, it takes minutes to mount and dismount a ledwall and eliminates the need for accessories like wires, connectors or hooks. It also reduces labour to a minimum and simplifies stock considerably.

This ledwall mounting system is world first!

A magic tool exploiting the artistic power of your luminaire

Alpha 1500s abound in powerful spectacular devices. For this reason, they can be complex machines to use. However, Clay Paky has created a tool to make the user’s work easier: the “Dyna-Cue-Creator” function. The “macro” channel in other spotlights contains a selection of static projections, but in the Alpha 1500s it is a library of dynamic – often three-dimensional – animations that lighting designers may use in their shows almost automatically. The “Dyna-Cue-Creator” is the result of meticulous artistic research: the zoom, focus, iris and dimmer functions are combined and synchronized with each other in many different ways that may be customized by lighting designers (with colours, gobos, speed and other effects). The “Dyna-Cue-Creator” is easy to use owing to the autofocus extremely rapid and constant adjustments; lighting designers no longer have to program continuous focus corrections with benefits that are particularly evident in the most complex cues, where the gobo, focus plane and zoom angles change simultaneously.

Macros can be applied to both individual projectors and a series of projectors. In automatic mode, you can use the “random” function to make more than one projector use the same macro in a synchronized way. You do not have to manage phase shifts because synchronization is controlled automatically by the projector and not from the console. The only decision you have to make is whether to apply the macros to one projector or a group of projectors.