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Clay Paky new products at Pro Light + Sound 2012

Last year the Sharpy, the Shotlight and the Alpha Profile 700 hogged the ProLight+Sound limelight. This year, we have yet more surprises up our sleeves.

Among the new products making their international debut is the new “A.LEDA” LED MOVING HEAD range. The line consists of three models with wide fast pan and tilt movements: 100 W, 300 W and 600 W approx. The 100 W model has a fixed 6° aperture, whereas the two more powerful models have a 8°-40° zoom, which makes them suitable for use in more professional environments.

This line is a valid alternative to discharge-lamp washlights of equal power, with all the benefits of LED lights: intense, highly vivid saturated-tone colours, light-weight, energy saving, longer light source life, and lower operating and maintenance costs.

All the models in the A.LEDA line are fitted with advanced electronics, have a compact light-weight design, and can be easily adapted to all areas of application. The effects section comes complete with dimmer and stop/strobe effect.

Joining the ranks of the Alpha range is the Alpha Spot QWO 800, a new 800W spotlight packed with features: a self-focusing zoom with a 7° to 55° range; the Dyna-Cue Creator, capable of creating complex animations with minimum programming; an animation wheel for video-like projections; last but not least the fixture is incredibly noise-free.

Events and exhibition companies will just love GlowUp, a portable, battery-powered, accent uplight that removes the headache of cabling – dramatically reducing set-up time, while saving money and improving safety. GlowUp shines brightly for 10 hours, recharges in 4, and has an adjustable 15°-30° beam. Control can be done in a variety of ways, either via cable or wirelessly.

Also on display is Igloo, a fully outdoor enclosure that allows sub-700W moving lights to operate in the most severe weather conditions. Igloo comes with onboard wireless DMX receiver, and a unique system that automatically maintains internal temperature above 0°C and below 35°C.