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SHARPY: The world’s most powerful per watt beam light

Sharpy is a 189W moving beam light with an unprecedented brightness until now only achievable with wattages several times higher. It produces a perfectly parallel, laser-like beam with an incredible output of almost 60,000 lx at 20m. Sharpy is groundbreaking for the purity of its beam, which is sharply defined and free of any halo or discoloration around the edges. It offers 14 dichroic colours and 17 gobos, allowing designers to sculpt the beam into an array of spectacular mid-air effects. Additionally the focusing system produces pristine pattern projections even at very long distances. Weighing just 16 kg (35 lbs), Sharpy is small, lightweight and incredibly fast. Its tiny size makes it easy to install and transport, occupying less space in transit and storage, and convenient to use anywhere – on trusses, on stages, in showrooms or conference rooms. Sharpy is also eco-friendly with its low energy consumption.


SHARPY CHROME: Brilliant mirror finish adds glamour and makes lights less intrusive

With its new chrome plating, Sharpy lends an element of glamour, while preserving its optimal thermal features. The Chrome Sharpy also blends seamlessly into its setting, becoming less visible to the eye by reflecting the light and surrounding environment.


ALPHA PROFILE 700: The world’s first 700W beam-framing system

The Alpha Profile 700 is the only 700W automated spotlight with framing system available on the market. Fitted with a 700W Philips Mini-Fast-Fit discharge lamp, it offers a powerful output comparable to 1200W fixtures. Its stand-out feature is an excellent optical group offering a 7.5- 55º zoom and perfectly even projection field. The impressive (patent-pending) Stay-Sharp-Zoom function automatically keeps images in focus while zooming in and out, even when projected effects are located on different focal planes. The system enables projected triangles and quadrangles of all shapes and sizes. Programming is enormously simplified, thanks to the colour macros and Dyna-Cue-Creator function, enabling endless sophisticated combinations of editable graphic effects.

Compact and lightweight, it has been developed with theatres and TV studios in mind: the decibel rating has been reduced to a very low 42 dBA (40 dBA in ‘half power’ mode), the linear CTO system provides a wide range of colour shades, with a perfect simulation of halogen sources.


SHOTLIGHT WASH: The world’s first moving washlight with authentic Xenon strobing.

Shotlight Wash is a totally new kind of projector that combines an extraordinary 1500W washlight with a 1500W Xenon strobe in a single device. The two wash and strobe functions are perfectly integrated and can be controlled either simultaneously or separately. The Shotlight’s wash section is based on the familiar Alpha Wash 1500 while the luminaire incorporates two semi-circular Xenon strobe lamps fitted around the fixture’s front lens. These two strobe lamps work independently and can be flashed simultaneously or separately at different frequencies.


MIRAGE QC: Cable-free quick-connect LED system

IP65-protected for outdoor use, the Mirage QC is made for touring applications demanding the simplest possible installation. Its bayonet connection system is specifically designed to allow mechanical and electrical mounting of panels in a single, simple step – no tools needed (such as wires, connectors or hooks). Once connected, series of vertical columns can then be joined horizontally with the aid of a quick and simple locking system.  Mirage QC is  the world’s first cable-free, quick-connect LED wall.


DYNA-CUE-CREATOR: A magic tool exploiting the artistic power of your luminaire

The ‘Dyna-Cue-Creator’ is the result of meticulous artistic research: the zoom, focus, iris and dimmer functions are combined and synchronized with each other in several ways that can be customized by lighting designers and combined with colours, gobos, speed and other effects. The ‘Dyna-Cue-Creator’ is made possible due to the autofocus’ extremely rapid and constant adjustments; lighting designers no longer have to program continuous focus corrections with benefits that are particularly evident in the most complex cues, where the gobo, focus and zoom angles change simultaneously. These macros can be used with individual projectors or as part of a series of projectors.


ROXTER-CASE: High-tech flight cases for tougher protection

The new Clay Paky flight case uses modern materials and technologies to solve the complex, and often contradictory, challenges faced by touring personnel today – the flight case had to be tough and robust yet at the same time easy to handle and lightweight. Superior quality has been certified by strict compliance with ATA standards for commercial shipping, and each detail has been studied with reference to how Clay Paky lights are used and handled in the touring world.