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Lighting Designer
Oli Richards
Richard Martin Lighting
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For all of those parents out there wondering if their teenagers will venture out from their bedrooms for anything other than food or presents this Christmas, the answer is yes, but only briefly.

Justin Bieber will be coming to the UK’s TV screens this Christmas. The Canadian superstar, who rose to fame through his appearances on YouTube, will feature in a Christmas Day special for ITV called This Is Justin Bieber.

The special was recently filmed before a live audience at ITV’s London Studios. Lighting director Oli Richards designed the lighting for the show with support from London-based suppliers Richard Martin Lighting (RML).

Richards’ spectacular lighting rig comprised of well over 100 moving lights, with Clay Paky Alpha Beam 700s and Sharpys chosen to help transform the studio into a live concert environment.

The series of one-offs, which will be aired throughout December, will include further festive concerts with Beyoncé, Michael Buble and Westlife.