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Clay Paky shines at Showway 2011

Clay Paky reaped the harvest of a great year of worldwide successes again at Showway, the only Italian trade fair devoted to professional show technology.

Despite the limited number of exhibitors, Showway was highly successful from the viewpoint of visitors, who often turned up in large groups, even from abroad. The Clay Paky stand and, especially, the demo room were very popular with trade professionals, who had been waiting three years for an Italian show to bring together the best in technology and inform them of the innovations available.

The numerous conferences with high level professional content which took place during the three day event were attended by many trade professionals, who had several occasions to meet and go more deeply into various topics. These are all additional stimuli for the future of the show, especially for those exhibitors who did not or were not able to take part.

Since it was a national fair exhibition, the majority of the visitors were obviously Italian. They came from North, Central and South Italy in equal numbers, which goes to show that there is a widely felt need for a reference event throughout the country.

The arrival of visitors from afar was facilitated by the accessibility of the show. The trade fair centre is only one kilometre away from Orio airport, which is used as a base by low-cost airlines that run busy direct links with a large number of Italian cities.

The attendance at the Clay Paky stand was absolutely exceptional: there were non-stop live product presentations in the demo room for three days, all strictly in Italian, unlike at international fairs. At the end of each demo it was possible to go more deeply into the technical details by speaking to the Clay Paky Sales Support Engineering Team, present in full force.

Among the products that aroused most interest was the Sharpy, the 190W compact moving head beam light with extremely powerful output and such a concentrated beam that it looks like a laser. Sharpy has already won three awards from major international industry juries. It is innovative for its colour purity, and the sharpness and uniformity of the beam. It has 14 colours and 17 gobos that produce spectacular mid-air effects.

International premiére at Showway was a new chrome version of the Alpha 700 fixtures (Profile / Spot HPE / Beram / Wash) and Sharpy. Developed for TV sets and interiors, the shiny chrome finish is designed to help the luminaire become less visible to the eye by reflecting light and blending into its surrounding environment.

Another was the Mirage, the semi-transparent LED display with video technology, designed to fit in both with indoor and outdoor environments. It is now also available with a revolutionary “Quick Connection” system for fitting and hooking up the panels. This system, patented by Clay Paky, makes it quick and easy to connect two adjacent panels electrically and mechanically and do away with power cables, connectors and clamps.