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Clay Paky spotlights Qatari football awards
Lighting Designer
Sharif Hashisho
Qatar Vision
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Production company Qatar Vision recently produced the Qatar Football Association Award Ceremony using 150 moving lights from Clay Paky. The design of the show was conceived and created by Qvision with less than a month’s production time. 

‘We received a call from Qatar Stars League Organization three weeks before the event, and we had to come up with the most creative show that can be produced in a completely empty space,’ said Sharif Hashisho, managing director of Qvision and the show director. ‘We spent four days on the creation of a 3D simulation in our creative department and presented to the client for approval. The client immediately approved the project and we had one week for the actual production,’ he continued. 

Mr Hashisho puts the success of the event down to the level of staff and equipment the company has. ‘In three days we managed to have the full venue ready for rehearsals and all elements were absolutely ready for the show.’   

Qvision transformed Aspire Dome into a Red Carpet entry catwalk, a cocktail reception area, and a main show area. The stage was surrounded by a 360-degree simultaneous projection, created using Christie projectors, controlled by Dataton Watchout computers. 

For the lighting, 150 Clay Paky Alpha Beam 700, Alpha Beam 300, Stage Zoom 1200 moving lights and Stage Color washes were used on the show. For broadcast purposes, a set of 150 conventional lights from DeSisti complemented the installation, with additional LED lights used for illuminating the decoration. The rigging was based on the S52 trusses and motors from Prolyte.

His Excellency Sheikh Hamad Bin Khaleefah Al-Thani, vice chairman of the Qatar 2022 Committee and the president of Qatar Football Association honoured various sports personalities at the ceremony, which was also attended by QOC Secretary General Sheikh Saoud bin Abdulrahman Al Thani and a host of other football dignitaries.