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Clay Paky A.ledas light the Helene Fischer Show
Lighting Designer
Jerry Appelt
Photo Credits
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LD Jerry Appelt uses A.leda K20s as an alternative to conventional discharge-lamp washlights.

More than five million viewers followed the second “Helene Fischer Show” on television during the Christmas season. Andrea Bocelli, David Garrett, Ricky Kam, Loreen, Unheilig, Andreas Gabalier and others performed during the show, produced by Werner Kimmig GmbH TV Produktion. It goes without saying that such a line-up of artists requires a professional set, which LD Jerry Appelt created with a lighting design he put together in part using equipment from the Lightpower stock.

The lights he used included 20 Clay Paky A.leda K20s and 20 Clay Paky A.leda K5s. PRG also provided 72 Clay Paky Alpha Spot HPE 1500s, 72 Clay Paky Sharpys, 6 MA network processing units and 2 MA network signal processors.

Jerry Appelt had this to say about using Clay Paky A.ledas: “I used the A.leda K20s as an alternative to conventional gas-discharge-lamp washlights, and they performed their task in a truly extraordinary way. Both the light emitted and the colours were really impressive. The characteristics of the A.leda K20’s beam also satisfied me. The same goes for the A.leda K5s, which did their duty excellently despite their compact size.”

“These were what I considered to be the most important aspects of the lighting design,”
explained Appelt. He then continued: “I needed to create spaces for the light and put together a lighting architecture. I paid less attention to moving lights and concentrated more on having a wealth of variations available to me. This is another reason why the beams were particularly important.”

The staff included Matti Hagel (chief lighting technician), Sascha Matthes (show lighting operator), Markus Ruhnke (white light operator) and Chris Moylan (server operator). Matthias “Matze” Meyert dealt with the technical management and Matthias Rau was on-site project manager for PRG. Alex Schmidt and Tobias Ellendt took part as technical systems engineers. PRG provided rigging, lighting and video equipment.