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Clay Paky Alpha Range Help Asian Churches See The Light
Acoustic & Lighting System
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Singapore – Clay Paky’s official sales partner for Singapore – Acoustic & Lighting System PTE ltd is keeping busy as the market for sophisticated AV technologies in religious premises booms.

Kuala Lumpur-based Acoustic and Lighting System is supplying Clay Paky luminaires to installation companies working on two of Asia’s biggest places of worship: The Church of Singapore and The City Harvest Church.

The City Harvest Church is the largest non-denominational mega church in Singapore, welcoming an average weekly audience of around 15,000 worshippers. A total of 44 Clay Paky Alpha 700 Washes and 22 Alpha Spot HPE 700 moving heads were delivered for a stunning yet flexible lighting design.

Eugene Yeo from Acoustic & Lighting System explained why Clay Paky fixtures are one of the most demanded lights in the region’s moving head market: “The new Alpha 700 spotlights weigh just 22kg yet provide a level of brightness equal, if not greater, than that seen with much higher wattages. Increasingly lighting designers are looking to use a wider variety of lighting fixtures yet reduce the burden of weight on the rig. The Alpha 700s are therefore an ideal solution for an installation like this where flexibility is key.”

In addition and following its 2011 renovation the 4,000-strong congregation Church of Singapore recently invested in Clay Paky Alpha Spot HPE 300 Moving Head fixtures as part of an overall lighting and AV package. The installation will support the Church of Singapore ten Sunday services, which range in language from English to Mandarin and Filipino to Cantonese.

Both installations come just ahead of the first dedicated exhibition in Asia targeting Houses of Worship. The show will launch in Singapore from 4th – 6th Oct 2012 and serve the growing demand for new technologies and training in this sophisticated sector.

“With over 55,000 houses of worship around South-East Asia, this multicultural worship area is a fertile ground for media technology,” says Yeo. “Clay Paky’s Alpha range of luminaires present an ideal solution for designers looking for sophisticated yet robust lighting systems. The Alpha Spot HPE 700s offer an array of optical and graphic devices, including a 15°-35° zoom with electronic focus and hybrid electronic/mechanical dimmer. It moves at staggering speed with instant acceleration. They are also silent, eco-friendly, and easy to handle and install. Similarly, the Alpha Spot HPE 300 is compact, lightweight, silent, practical to install and extremely bright. It is the most complete spotlight in its category (300 W), ideal for every professional sector where the pluses of a ‘small’ light need to be combined with the advantages of a ‘large’ one.”

Pio Nahum, chief commercial officer for Clay Paky comments: “Clay Paky is always delighted to work alongside our partner companies to service new and growing markets and ensure that designers have the right product for the right job. The explosive growth of this sector only serves to demonstrate that multi-media systems are now more a necessity than a luxury for many.”