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Clay Paky Alpha Spot QWO 800s at the BootBooHook 2012 Festival
Lighting Designer
Benjamin Heidenreich
Exposive Medien Gruppe GMBH
Photo Credits
Exposive Medien Gruppe GMBH
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The BootBooHook Festival is one of the most distinctive events that takes place in Germany every year. This year’s festival was not only memorable for its original name, but also for artists like “The Whitest Boy Alive”, “Tocotronic”, “Lacrosse”, “Like a Stuntman” and “Tarwater”, who contributed to making the event unique with their performances, at Kronsbergpark in Hanover.

Timo Frank, project manager from exposive medien gruppe gmbh, and his colleague Benjamin Heidenreich, lighting designer, programmer and chief operator, used 43 Clay Paky Alpha Spot QWO 800s, a grandMA full-size and two Ma Network Signal Processors for this year’s event, along with other equipment.

This is what Heidenreich had to say about the lights: “Clay Paky’s Alpha Spot QWO 800, with all its features, is the ideal moving light for a festival. Its wide 11° to 55° zoom makes washlights almost superfluous. Our challenge was to meet the lighting needs of the bands and their lighting designers, which were very different from each other in some ways, and give the festival as a whole a distinctive look. I think the results were excellent, thanks too to the Clay Paky Alpha Spot QWO 800s.”

“Exposive medien gruppe was the technical supplier for lighting and sound for the first time this year,”
said Hendrik Brosent, Executive Assistant. “It is a great joy to support such an interesting and ambitious festival, and adapt to the peculiarities of the venue, which has changed. I am sure we are the perfect partner owing to our expertise and being Hanover-based.”

This year – the fifth since it began – the festival moved from the FAUST-Gelände in Hannover-Linden to the immediate vicinity of the Kronsbergpark exhibition area, with the advantage of now having an adequately sized central festival area with all the consequent commodities.

Exposive Medien Gruppe GMBH
provided the lighting, sound and video equipment.