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Clay Paky, Ambersphere and Presentation Rentals: Success in the Corporate Sector
Presentation Rentals
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UNITED KINGDOM – “The client was really surprised about how we totally transformed the room using just six Alpha Spot QWO 800s and four A.leda Wash K10s,” comments Presentation Rentals’ director, Justin Hammond. “At our very first outing with the new Clay Paky stock we knew that the decision to purchase from Ambersphere Solutions was the right one.  The event was The Evening Standard Film Awards and the venue was The London Film Museum so this was a high profile show with a knowing audience in terms of theatricality.  The Clay Pakys definitely didn’t disappoint.”

Presentation Rentals
services the ever expanding corporate market from their base in South East London and have recently chosen to invest significantly in the Clay Paky brand as Hammond explains, “A lot of clients and freelance designers are already very familiar with the Clay Paky brand and love working with the units so it made complete sense to us to do the logical thing and buy into it. Our initial purchase was a stock of Alpha Spot QWO 800s both in black and white and some A.leda Wash K10s where we also specified them in both black and white.  For the kind of events that we specialise in, the colour of the actual unit can play major role in the whole look of a set piece.”

Of course looking pretty is of no use at all if the performance doesn’t match up as Hammond is keen to emphasise, “The range of possibilities that the Clay Paky fixtures offer us and our clients is enormous; for instance, the colour mixing and the gobos on the Alpha Spot QWO 800s is rarely rivalled.  Due to our corporate work, where clients want a really particular look and feel of an events space, this is a real benefit to us. The K10 pixel mapping allows us to provide some “eye candy” in corporate venues which don’t allow us to use haze. Not only that but the units are able to match up nicely with any of our older stock meaning that we have not been left with redundant hardware on the shelf – an important consideration in overall budget and stock control.”

There is a perception that Clay Paky luminaires are only available to those with generous bank managers but Hammond is quick to dispel the notion: “I would recommend these fixtures to any small lighting company, whatever their client profile.  Not only are they incredibly versatile, which means that there is no job they not suitable for, but their very low running costs make them a bargain choice for a venue or a client with their eye on power consumption.  Add to that the gilt-edged brand of Clay Paky and the premier service package provided by Ambersphere Solutions whenever and wherever it is requested, and you have an unbeatable package.  Currently we are looking at investing in some Alpha Spot HPE 300s to put alongside what we already have and we probably won’t stop there.”