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Clay Paky and MA Lighting accompany Adel Tawil
Lighting Designer
Justus Molthan
satis&fy AG
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Germany – Adel Salah Mahmoud Eid El-Tawil, or Adel Tawil for short, is a successful musician, songwriter and producer. He became famous thanks to his work with bands such as The Boyz and Ich + Ich. In 2013 he shot straight to number two in the German Singles Chart with “Lieder”. The same year, he also earned a nomination for the “(national) new artist of the year” award. For his current tour, Bertil Mark (art director), JoJo Tilmann (image director) and Justus Molthan (lighting director), who together form LesUrbanProgressives, relied on 25 Clay Paky Sharpy Beams and 16 Sharpy Washes, two full size grandMA2 consoles, one grandMA2 light, two grandMA2 fader wings and four Network Processing Units (NPUs), all made by MA Lighting.
Justus Molthan, who took part in the tour with JoJo Tilmann, explained: “We used both Sharpy Beams and Sharpy Washes on the rig. I already know the Sharpy Beam well, and there is nothing else to add. On the other hand, I worked with the Sharpy Wash for the first time on this tour, and it was a pleasant surprise, especially in terms of its brightness, which is far superior to that of other lights. However the most striking thing is its wide zoom: from 6.5° to 48°. With a very small beam angle, you can create a well-defined beam. Furthermore, we had no problems with either of the two Sharpy versions during the tour.”

“Most of the songs Adel performed, which were mainly from his first solo album, were represented visually in a highly detailed way,”
Bertil said. “Whether it was vibrant album cover artwork, such as in ‘Lieder’, or a house of cards that collapses in the song ‘Kartenhaus’, or clichés written on a  display wall, as in ‘Graffiti Love’, the music and visual effects on stage blended perfectly together.”

Bertil Mark designed the first draft for Adel Tawil’s tour by just listening to his songs. “The central element is a nine-metre-high ‘mapping tower’ that represents his personal journey and development. An additional roof made up of LED triangles symbolizes a modern lighting geometry and reflects the electronic elements in his music,” said Bertil. To change the perspective of the video, a combination of LED panels and backlit 3D objects with illuminated edges was used as a stage backdrop.

“The complete set design took us about a month,”
Bertil added. The video content designed by Bertil was created by Dirk Rauscher and Okinawa 69 during tour rehearsals in Berlin.

satis&fy AG
supplied the lighting equipment.