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Clay Paky and MA Lighting at the Studio Hamburg Newcomer Award Ceremony
Lighting Designer
Andreas Rinne
Blue Noise GmbH
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Studio Hamburg Newcomer Awards have been presented since 1997. German-language films made by students who are studying film-making at institutions of higher education compete in the Best Production, Best Short Film (Audience Prize), Best Director and Best Screenplay categories. The Günter Strack Television Prize is also awarded during the gala night to the best up-and-coming actress and actor, as well as the Hamburg Murder-Mystery Prize (since 2008).

For this year’s ceremony, the lighting designer Andreas Rinne used 8 Clay Paky Sharpys, 30 Clay Paky Alpha Spot HPE 300s, 10 Clay Paky Alpha Spot HPE 700s, 16 Clay Paky Alpha Beam 300s and a grandMA2 light, as well as other equipment.

“My experience of Clay Paky products in the last few years has been very good. For this reason, these lights were crucial to the lighting concept,” said Rinne, who went on to say: “Clay Paky moving heads not only stand out for their excellent brightness, but also for their low noise levels and good value for money.”

“We had four different sets,” the lighting designer added. “The outdoor set, the award ceremony, the party after the show and the entrance: a total of 3000 square metres of acting area.”

Rinne continued: “The Clay Paky Sharpys were undoubtedly the most important lights at the ceremony. I wanted to create bright fast beams in contrast with the warm and wonderfully aristocratic atmosphere. It was also important to keep the noise down as low as possible when the films were projected. Thanks to Clay Paky, we cut the noise down relatively significantly.”

The lighting operators were Andreas Larsmeyer, Rasmus Wenzel, Holger Otte and Dennis Just. The lighting system was set up by Studio Hamburg and provided by Blue Noise GmbH.