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Clay Paky at Notti di Maggio 2015
Lighting Designer
Mario Zanella & Bruno Maffei
Maffei Service
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ITALY – Notti di Maggio (May nights) is a popular, continuously evolving, big event, conceived and produced by the Associazione Notti di Maggio Sagraioli and coordinated and organized by Andrea Widmann. It consists of three days of music, concerts and DJ sessions with a busy programme of live events, all illuminated by Clay Paky lights.

Several Sharpys were arranged along two battens in the centre and at the back of the stage and various Aleda B-Eye K10s were hung on four tubular supports as backdrop lighting with the precise aim of enhancing the beautiful effects created. All the lights were programmed by Mario Zanella and Bruno Maffei using a Chamsys MQ 200.

On the Friday night, Notti di Maggio turned into an important cultural showcase for local ‘Trento music’ and the stage was given over to several Italian tribute bands.
On the Saturday – the true heart of Notte di Maggio – the new Viva DJ Competition organized by Radio Vivafm took the stage with a night devoted entirely to movement, shows and the world of dance in all its forms. Three musical settings and three equipped stages saw more than twenty DJs take turns at the console. Impressive scenery also dominated in the event’s garden area.
On the Sunday, there was a regional meeting of the best country dance groups and schools in Northern Italy. Organized entertainment activities were also laid on for adults and children, including inflatable games and games of yesteryear. This was followed by a zumba party and a riotous Trento Tyrolean folk night!

The event was held in a covered area of nearly 2400 square yards together with almost 3000 square yards of open space in the picturesque setting of Coredo in Val di Non (TN). Maffei Service Srl saw to the lighting, sound systems, original stage designs and sets. Ezio and Bruno Maffei – the two owners – have dealt with the event for more than ten years.

Clay Paky products have always met their technical and creative lighting needs. “Clay Paky products are definitely exceptional. They stand out from the others and make the difference in many contexts, as well as ensuring the level of reliability and precision we have become used to. Their products meet the most demanding standards: quality service companies cannot afford to be without them.”

Maffei Service has used Sharpys and Aledas for some time now in different contexts and situations. They literally bought them as soon as they came out. Despite this, the lights always manage to impress the audience and provide Maffei with great job satisfaction. B-eye K 10s are extremely versatile. Not only do they work in wash and beam modes, but they also have a huge range of effects which immediately set them apart from any other LED lights. “They are amazing in everything they do.”

B-eye K 10s are therefore powerful creative tools, of great interest to all lighting designers.

“Clay Paky products are definitely always a step ahead of others in innovation and quality. They quickly become fashionable and very popular in mid to high level productions.”