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Clay Paky at Plasa 2016
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Clay Paky is thrilled to be celebrating its 40-year milestone at Plasa 2016 and welcomes visitors to the Clay Paky Universe, inside the Ambersphere Solutions area, inviting you to get up close and personal with its broad portfolio of trailblazing creative tools.

We launch the SCENIUS PROFILE, the new beam shaper at the top of the Clay Paky moving head range. Its advanced optical unit and the 1400W OSRAM discharge lamp provide very high light output and an excellent CRI. Its framing system consists of four independent overlapping blades which create shapes of all sizes and proportions by working simultaneously on four different focal planes

The HEPIKOS is a 700W washlight that combines low power consumption with color quality, without compromise. Thanks to its PC front lens (Ø 185mm) and narrow 5° beam angle, the fixture can also produce a sharp, thick beam, which can be used for striking, colored aerial effects.

The SHAR-BAR is an advanced moving LED bar with features that transform it into a brand new multi-beam effect light. It fits six 30W powerful new OSRAM Ostar RGBW LEDs. The optical unit coupled to each LED consists of a motorized system with double mirror: this means each light beam can be pointed independently of the others or locked within a 60° (+/-30°) cone. Thanks to this ingenious, original optical unit, the SHAR-BAR can produce an effect similar to six separate lights working synchronously or asynchronously.

ODEON is a series of pure architectural lights (IP66), which are designed for architects on the basis of their requirements and their needs. They come in two main versions – flood and linear – in a range of more than thirty models. They are available with 5°, 25°, 45° optics and RGBW, Tunable White and Total White configurations; also, they  may be further customized in terms of size and finish.

CLAY PAKY acquire ADB to expand leadership in entertainment lighting

Clay Paky is expanding its leading market position in the entertainment sector and has acquired ADB, the French company specializing in theaters and studios. The transaction was completed on 3 August 2016 and the acquired business, which includes a factory in Saint Quentin, has become integral part of OSRAM’s subsidiary Clay Paky. Originally founded in Belgium in 1920, ADB Lighting Technologies has held a leading position for decades as a top supplier of lighting solutions for theater and television studios. The company’s product portfolio includes luminaires, dimmers and lighting control desks that are sold worldwide through a network of qualified independent distributors. References include various prestigious theaters such as the National Grand Theatre in Beijing, the Opera Garnier in Paris and the Teatro alla Scala in Milan.

“ADB brings a wealth of experience in stage and studio lighting and a comprehensive range of products that are fully complementary to ours. By joining forces, we will be able to merge this unique application focus with our innovation drive and technology leadership. As a result, we will be able to design the next generation of products to drive the evolution of the demanding theater market”, explains Pio Nahum, CEO of Clay Paky.