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Clay Paky celebrates with Oriflame at glittering awards ceremony
Lighting Designer
Roman Stolyarov
Arlecchino Group / MAX 'N' MAX (lighting technical production house)
Photo Credits
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Moscow, Russia – Lighting designer Roman Stolyarov has used a wide range of Clay Paky fixtures to create stunning lighting looks in celebration of global cosmetic company Oriflame’s annual awards ceremony and banquet, which saw over 3000 employees attend.

Leading technical production house MAX ’N’ MAX created the concept for the event which was called ‘Banquet of Oriflame Directors: What Dreams May Come’ and took place at Moscow, Gostiniy Dvor.

MAX’N’MAX designed an ultra-wide stage with dynamic LED screens at the end of the venue’s large hall. To complement this, the team worked with Stolyarov to specify an impressive rig of 34 x Alpha Spot 1500 HPE, 28 x Sharpy Wash 330, 50 x Sharpys, 81 x Shotlight Wash and 24 x Stormy CC fixtures from Arlecchino Group.

“As the venue has a glass roof and part of the event happened during the day, we needed fixtures that would still perform perfectly in daylight and create an glamorous evening mood,” says MAX ’N’ MAX’s production director Maxim Korotkov. “The Clay Paky units were positioned throughout the hall and on different parts of the stage, where Roman made sure to maximise the fantastic potential of each fixture.”

Stolyarov made particular use of the multi-featured Stormy CC, which Clay Paky delivered to Moscow especially for the event. The strobe retains all the charm of a classic strobe yet uses the latest LED technology, delivering bursts of vibrant colour in adjustable pulse durations.

“Roman was delighted to work with the Clay Paky Stormy and said it is undoubtedly one of the leading strobe fixtures on the market,” continues Korotkov.

Stolyarov applied its varying modes to create different looks throughout the evening’s rich programme of performances, gourmet dinner and the all important awards ceremony.

“Everyone who worked on the project agreed it was a huge success,” concludes Korotkov. “In fact, the client said it was one of the best banquets in the company’s history.”