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Clay Paky defied snow and ice at the "Wenn die Musi spielt"
Lighting Designer
Norbert Wolfsberger
BMS Production Group
Photo Credits
BMS Production Group
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This year Clay Paky lights starred at the “Wenn die Musi spielt”, an entertainment show centred around pop music which is broadcast live by the German public television network.

Fritz Staudinger
, lighting director and chief executive officer of BMS Production Group, spoke about the company that provided the lights: “We installed eighteen Clay Paky Alpha Spot QWO 800 STs and twelve Clay Paky Sharpys on the site, as well as various PAR lights”

“We were impressed by the brightness and features of the Clay Paky Alpha Spot QWO 800 STs, which fit in perfectly with light beams like those of the Sharpys,”
said Staudinger. “It is not simply a case of meeting the challenge from a technical point of view. An outdoor winter event on an open air stage in ski resort surroundings must, first of all, have reliable lights. Clay Paky’s moving heads fit the bill admirably. There were no malfunctions at all at any point throughout the week. That is what I call reliability!”

The lighting designer was Norbert Wolfsberger, programmer, Martin Staudinger and operator, Werner Kokott.