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Clay Paky delivers ‘brightness beyond belief’ to Finnish National Opera
Lighting Designer
Mikki Kunttu
Bright Finland
Photo Credits
Mikki Kunttu
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Finland – Lighting and set designer Mikki Kunttu has used an array of Clay Paky Mythos and A.leda B-EYE K20 fixtures to create a truly stunning lighting design for a production of symphonic poem Kullervo at the Finnish National Opera.

Composed by Finnish national composer Jean Sibelius and first performed in Helsinki in 1892, the opera is based on the character of Kullervo in the epic poem Kalevala. A dance element choreographed by Tero Saarinen and performed by the Finnish National Ballet was added to this 2015 production, which celebrated 150 years since the birth of Sibelius. Kunttu specified 52 x Mythos and 48 x B-EYEs from Bright Finland for key lighting in the piece.

“The brightness of the Mythos fixtures was undoubtedly the most important quality in the visual picture of the production,” says Kunttu. “They delivered the final incredible punch that we saw in the end scene at the moment Kullervo dies – brightness beyond belief!”

As the designer’s staging evoked an infinite black box, the Clay Paky fixtures were also employed as organic set pieces that moved in space to signify changes in scene.

“The B-EYE K20 fixtures were used as moving sidelights. They created various spaces as well as beautifully lighting the performers from the sides of the stage,” continues Kunttu.

Also used as set pieces were a range of LED screens in varying sizes.

“The Clay Paky fixtures worked perfectly with the screens. On the one hand, the Mythos cut through them with an even brighter punch than their output and on the other, the B-EYEs complemented them as the colours and intensities were easily matched,” continues Kunttu.