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Clay Paky drives amazing looks on BMW X6 launch
Lighting Designer
Marko Malesevic
Studio Berar
Photo Credits
Ivan Urošević
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Belgrade, Serbia – Clay Paky Sharpys have lit the Serbian launch of BMW’s latest model in the X-series, the X6. Taking place at the prestigious Crowne Plaza Hotel in the capital’s business district, the exciting event was technically produced by award-winning rental operation Studio Berar, who supplied sixteen of the super powerful fixtures for the light show.

Working alongside Belgrade-based marketing agency M2Communications and creative director Miro Antic, Studio Berar was commissioned by Serbian BMW dealer Delta Motors to create a highly sophisticated and visually stunning environment for the guests. Lighting designer Marko Malesevic positioned the Sharpys on the floor to create a runway, where contemporary dancers performed and the car appeared through a smoky, coloured haze.

“Marko used the powerful and perfectly defined beams of the Sharpys to pierce through the smoke and cross over to create ‘X’s, signifying the X6,” explains Studio Berar Production Manager Emil Berar. “They allowed him to create some amazing looks, with varying colours, that perfectly complemented the performances.”

The ever-popular Sharpy is a 189W moving beam light that produces a perfectly parallel, laser-like column of light. It offers 14 different colours and 17 gobos, allowing designers to change the shape of the beam and create an array of spectacular mid air effects.

“We were really impressed with the speed of the Sharpys and how smooth their movement is,” continues Berar. “The client was more than satisfied with how everything turned out, as our production managed to change the whole look of the space, like it was another world.”