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Clay Paky enters the arena with futuristic music by Marteria
Lighting Designer
Tjorre Hasubski
Black Box Music Veranstaltungstechnik GmbH
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Germany – The German rap band Materia has recently toured fourteen cities in Germany, Austria and Switzerland under the motto “Zum Glück in die Zukunft II” (luckily into the future II). The lighting designer Tjorre Hasubski counted on – among other lights – 22 Alpha Spot QWO 800s and 20 Clay Paky Sharpys. They were controlled by a full-size grandMA2, a grandMA2 light, one VPU basic MK2 and two 12 x 2.3 kVA digital dimmers, all made by MA Lighting.

Alpha Spot QWO 800s fit a 800 watt MSR Platinum lamp, which everyone appreciates for its brightness and luminosity. They also feature a wide zoom (7.6° to 55°), perfectly uniform light distribution at any beam angle, and an exclusive Stay-Sharp-Zoom function, which automatically keeps the light in focus when switching between two different beam angles.

The Sharpy is a 189 W beam moving head with a light output that – until now – was only possible with lamps that were nine times more powerful. It is extremely versatile, small (48 cm / 19″), lightweight (19 kg / 42 lb) and fits into any set.

Hasubski said: “The basic idea was that the show had to convey emotions through video images. However it was important for the video not to become too dominant. It had to fit harmonically into the general design concept. During some parts of the concert, lights were used to enhance the video components. However it was necessary to avoid putting the artists into the shadow while doing so. On the other hand, the light also had to stand out from the videos and produce visual emphasis. The arrangement of the video equipment and lights on the rig had to be very precise, since Marteria’s music has a clear well-defined structure.”

“The artists were a great help to me in the lighting design. I also dealt with programming and operating the lights,” Hasubski continued. “I chose MA products once again because I have worked with them for years and the workflow and possibilities an MA system offers always strengthen my conviction they are the right choice. They also have something new to offer each time: for instance, you can set up and optimize individual work processes.”

Herman Stöhr dealt with the video programming. The video manager was Dennis Baumann. The video content was developed and produced by Phillip Hilles in agreement with Hasubski and Marteria. Black Box Music Veranstaltungstechnik GmbH provided all the equipment.