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Clay Paky ‘extremely popular’ with major acts on Parklife
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Manchester, UK – A wide array of Clay Paky fixtures has been spread over numerous stages at one of UK’s biggest dance festivals, Parklife, with several of the major acts’ lighting designers ‘very happy’ to discover them in the rig.

Event production house Audile supplied 12 Mythos, 16 Stormy CC strobes, 96 Sharpys, 12 Alpha Spot HPE 700 and eight Alpha Beam 700 fixtures to the event, which takes place in Manchester’s 600-acre Heaton Park.

The fixtures were rigged on The Temple outdoor stage and several of the Big Top arenas; lighting artists such as hip hop giant Nas and Brit and NME 2015 award-winner FKA Twigs.

“As so many lighting designers are familiar with Clay Paky fixtures they were very happy to find them in the rig as they knew they’d be able to achieve the looks they wanted,” says Rob Leach, Director of Audile. “The Mythos was extremely popular on account of its versatility. In fact there was also a number of guest lighting packages on-site that featured more Mythos units, and we’re seeing that across other festivals for the rest of the summer.”

The Clay Paky Mythos is a highly advanced form of hybrid light. It is both a 470-watt spotlight with a zoom that ranges from 4°-50°, and a beam light that produces a large, dense column of light which remains parallel for its entire length even at great distances.

This multi-functionality makes the fixture the ideal workhorse in a festival rig. Following Parklife, Audile has added further Mythos to its arsenal to meet the increasing festival demand for the units this summer.

“We also received some great feedback on the Stormy CC strobes,” continues Leach. “It’s another great festival lighting tool as it has a fantastic range of colours and saves a lot of time against traditional strobes with scrollers.”