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Clay Paky fixtures add broadcast quality to NL International’s 13th Anniversary Event
Lighting Designer
Anton Maltsev
Spin Music Service
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Russia: Novosibirsk-based production company Elkruff specified a wide range of Clay Paky fixtures for its stylish design for global product solutions company NL International’s 13th Anniversary Event in Moscow’s Crocus City Hall.

Overseeing the project was Elkruff’s Chief Technical Officer Aleksey Bulgakov who worked with lighting designer Anton Maltsev to deliver a sharp, clean design that focused the audience’s attention on the stage’s large projection video element.

“Onstage we had a huge video widescreen that displayed a presentation of new online products from NL International,” explains Bulgakov. “We created a clever design made up of vertical rows of plastic tubes with RGB LED fixtures mounted in the base platforms that drew audience attention to the centre of the stage and the video presentation. The event was also being filmed for broadcast so we needed to ensure the correct levels of light for the video cameras.”

Bulgakov and his team used a combination of 30 x Alpha Wash 1500s and 26 x Alpha Wash 1200s for audience lighting and general front and backlight to the stage. Adding texture to the show were 64 x Sharpys, 16 x Alpha Spot HPE 1500s, 10 x Alpha Beam 700s and 20 x Alpha Beam 300s.

The decision to use Sharpy was made right at the beginning,” explains Bulgakov. “No other device could interact better as no other can produce the same narrow, powerful beam which complemented the forest of thin LED lit tubes. The fixture was used to add volume and mood to the show and to provide some interesting aerial effects that worked well with the static LED element. The well-defined beam of the Sharpy meant that the linearity of the LED pipes was not lost, but enhanced.”

The Clay Paky Sharpy is an incredibly small, lightweight fixture coming in at just 19Kg, However, the luminaire has an incredible output of 59,760 lx at 20m that belies its size. With an extensive effects section including 17 gobos and an 8-facet rotating prism, the award-winning Sharpy is a popular fixture for lighting designers working with limited space and weight restrictions but who still want a big impact feel.

“For us Clay Paky products are the key to a beautiful light show,” concludes Bulgakov. “They create the perfect onstage aesthetic and provide an opportunity to realise any design dream.”