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Clay Paky GlowUp Fixtures on the Leidse Koorboeken Concerts
Lighting Designer
Gary Yates
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THE NETHERLANDS – Clay Paky GlowUp fixtures recently illuminated the 2014 performance of the Leidse Koorboeken (The Leiden Choir Book) concerts in The Netherlands, a series of musical performances based around the six choir books that are kept in the Dutch Leiden Archives, made in the sixteenth century and written for church. They make up Europe’s largest collection of its kind. The concerts run for four days across The Netherlands and always attract large audiences.

For the 5th consecutive year Keylight has supplied the design and lighting hardware for the Leidse Koorboeken shows. Lighting Designer Gary Yates of Keylight said, “Over the past two years Keylight has been fortunate to implement our stock of Clay Paky GlowUp fixtures to support our role as lighting supplier.

“The audience at each venue surrounded the stage 360 degrees for the “in the round” setting and our RGBW GlowUp fixtures were perfectly suited to this situation. With no cable to run we could seriously reduce the build up and break down time to suit our day, basically meaning we could start at 1pm and be ready for a 3pm rehearsal. The fixtures were controlled by a wireless W-DMX signal from the light console and worked faultlessly throughout.”

The design element of the lamp was also a feature not to be forgotten. 30 fixtures were used to highlight architectural features, positioned in close proximity to the public. The design team stated that the solid construction of the GlowUp fixtures reduced the risk of the lamps being pushed or knocked over. In addition, the fact that they produce no heat or require no cable provided a safe environment, appreciated not only by the production but also by the venues visited.

Yates added, “Using the Clay Paky GlowUp gives Keylight the ability to offer our clients more lighting to suit budget requirements whilst reducing the amount of crew for set up and tear down. Once set up we are able to provide the client and venue with a well-lit, cable free environment. Everybody’s happy! We could not return to using conventional lighting fixtures in this type of environment.”