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Clay Paky illuminates 300 metre Chilean skyscraper with festive light show
Lighting Designer
Toni Amoros
Producciones Icardi
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Chile, South America – Architectural lighting designer Toni Amoros employed 24 Clay Paky Mythos fixtures to create a spectacular festive light show at South America’s tallest skyscraper, the Costanera Centre.

The Costanera Centre is in the heart of Chile’s financial district and comprises a six-floor shopping mall, two luxury hotels and bustling office space. Its highest levels are home to Sky Costanera, the highest observation deck in South America.

Amoros employed the Mythos, supplied by Producciones Icardi, to project striking beams of light up the entire length of the tower, as well as bring it to life with dynamic patterns and festive gobos.

“Our challenge was to cover all four sides of the tower with gobos and textures so naturally we chose the powerful Mythos,” says Amoros. “The fixtures provided us with the perfect combination of light intensity and fantastic effects.”

The two-and-a-half-hour light show ran for nearly one month. Crowds gathered on opening night at the Sculpture Park, located four blocks from the skyscraper, to watch the display while different bands performed.

“The Mythos’ versatility meant we could create a myriad of different looks to ensure the light show was full of surprises,” continues Amoros. “Combined with their reliability, these fixtures are ideal for a whole range of applications.”