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Lighting Designer
Francesco Adinolfi
Milano Music Service
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ITALY – The Cirque du Soleil trod the stage at the San Carlo Open Air Theatre for several months. Big Italian music events also took place on the same stage, illuminated by Clay Paky lights. There was a busy schedule of free concerts in September and October, which took the visitors to the universal exhibition right up to the final extraordinary event closing concert.

For the illumination of Bennato’s special event, which was broadcast live on RAI 3, New Step Milan, a company that works in the field of record productions and live performances, entrusted the Open Air Theatre’s lighting rig to resident lighting designer Francesco Adinolfi. The event consisted of a big music festival to celebrate the leadership of Italian biodiversity and the first Italian architects of the agri-food chain.

The event lighting had to be suitable for television recording, and also had to preserve the rock soul and spectacular dynamic nature of live concerts. The lighting designer was able to meet this need with agility despite the tight production deadlines: “To help me put together my lighting design, there were 42 Clay Paky Alpha Spot QWO 800s, installed by Milano Music Service.” These lights are suitable for installation in particularly difficult environments thanks to their low power consumption, zoom range, and the uniformity of the light they project at any beam angle.

“In events as challenging as this one with increasingly tight deadlines, the reliability of the lights is important, and all 42 Clay Paky devices worked fantastically both as back lights and front lights. The power of the lights,” thanks to the brand new 800 watt MSR Platinum lamp, optical characteristics, wide zoom range, uniformity and automatic focusing between two beam angles, “allowed me to create a design with HD effects.”

The technical rig consisted of a spectacular pyramid of lights, battens and Clay Paky equipment.